Andre Foxxe

Real Name:
Andre Altreaves Williams
Andre Foxxe was a gifted child musician who found his way into the Parliament/Funkadelic camp while still a teenager, forming the band Trey-Lewds Flastic Brain Flam with Tracey Lewis, George Clintion's son. That began a long association during which Andre would perform with the P-Funk All Stars, and Jimmy G. and the Tackheads. The Incorporated Thang Band which Andre fronted was signed to Warner Brothers Records, and his first solo project the "A. Foxxe Jam" was released on the Don Davis label I.T.M.
This talented Singer/Song Writer and Producer has collaborated with a wide variety of artists in every capacity over the years. A list of International Superstars that have included, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Too Short, Foley, Phillipe Wynne and over twenty different albums with George Clinton's Parliafunkadelicment Thang.

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