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The Roots is an American Hip-Hop / Neo Soul band formed in 1987 by Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter and Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are famed for beginning with a jazzy, eclectic approach to Hip-Hop which still includes live instrumentals.
Malik B., Leonard "Hub" Hubbard, and Josh Abrams were added to the band, originally called "The Square Roots". , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:The Illadelphonics, The Sandwich Committee
Members:Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson, Ben Kenney, Damon Bryson, Dave Guy, Frank "Knuckles" Walker, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, James Gray (13), James Poyser, Joshua Abrams, Karl B. Jenkins, Kenyetta Warren, Kirk Douglass, Kyle Jones, Leonard Hubbard, Malik B., Mark Kelley, Martin Luther, Nikki Yeoh, Owen Biddle, Raymond Angry
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