Three Day Stubble

Since its inception in 1980, Three Day Stubble has been rubbing and wiggling its way around the US, Canada, all the way over to Japan and even as far as the prestigious Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. The group has played with a diverse range of acts such as Beck, the Boredoms, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Faith No More, Jad Fair, and Sun City Girls.
Befuddled attempts to label the band bring comparisons to Frank Zappa, Pere Ubu, and Captain Beefheart, but they somehow fall short of the carnival of sights, smells and sounds that is Three Day Stubble. Brut cologne, pyroflatulance, dijiridoos, trombone, platform shoes, trumpet, drool, bizarre keyboards, and teeny tiny drumkit swirl in a thick stew of guitars peppered with Donald's inimitable vocal stylings.
Three Day Stubble shows the glory and horror of white American culture turned inward upon itself, and the incestual expulsive ramifications of our democratic free society. Three Day Stubble's hobby is showing the struggle of backward egos from a relatively tame society, that would rather turn away from looking at their problems and delude themselves while acting out the eccentric behavior brought about by such ignorance. Stubble exposes this "bubble life," never acknowledged by society, through music, dancing, and other entertainment. These guys are making way to allow and encourage the acceptance of individual expression and creativity, no matter how secret or personal.
The band refers to its music as 'nerd rock,' but that fails to capture the depth and scope of Three Day Stubble's strangeness. The impression begins with the band's attire, such as it is: eye -bendingly bad combinations of thrift store relics from the 70's that make David Lindley look like a GQ model. The nerd reference might strike closer with the musicians' earnestly goofy expressions. Still these guys make Bill Murray's ultimate "Saturday Night Live" nerd, Todd de la Muca, seem socially adept.
Musically Three Day Stubble is similarly unique. Try to imagine a hybrid of Captain Beefheart's advanced rythmic/harmonic weaves, the naivete and inadvertant dadaisms of the Shaggs, and the ingratiating enthusiasm of, say, Kukla, Fran and Ollie. Still not close.

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