Real Name:
Peter René Cipiriano Baumann
Swiss singer, songwriter, dancer and music producer, born January 5, 1968.

He has sold 14 million records worldwide and has released 10 studio albums as well as a few compilation albums which have included his previous hits in a reworked format. DJ BoBo has also released as many as 34 singles to date, some of which have charted quite high, not only in German speaking countries, but also in other European territories.


PDJ7114D DJ BoBo - Dance With Me album art D.J. BoBo* Dance With Me (Album) Fresh Music, Fresh Music, Disco Mix Club Switzerland PDJ7114D Australia & New Zealand 1993 Sell This Version
REC 921.599 DJ BoBo - There Is A Party album art DJ BoBo There Is A Party (Album) EAMS, Metrovynil REC 921.599 Hungary 1994 Sell This Version
REC 931-025-4 DJ BoBo - Just For You album art D.J. BoBo* Just For You (Album) EAMS, Metrovynil REC 931-025-4 Hungary 1995 Sell This Version
none, 931.577-4 DJ BoBo - World In Motion album art DJ BoBo World In Motion (Album) Metrovynil, EAMS none, 931.577-4 Russia 1996 Sell This Version
941 112-4 DJ BoBo - World In Motion (Winter Edition) album art DJ BoBo World In Motion (Winter Edition) (Album) Yes Music, EAMS 941 112-4 Hungary 1997 Sell This Version
012 904-2 DJ BoBo - Magic album art DJ Bobo Magic (Album) EAMS, Metrovynil 012 904-2 Brazil 1998 Sell This Version
54 333-2 DJ BoBo - (The Ultimate Megamix 99) album art DJ BoBo (The Ultimate Megamix 99) (Comp, Album) EAMS 54 333-2 Czech Republic 1999 Sell This Version
5 23327 2, 7243 5 23327 2 4 DJ BoBo - Level 6 album art DJ BoBo Level 6 (Album, MiniAlbum) EAMS 5 23327 2, 7243 5 23327 2 4 Czech Republic 1999 Sell This Version
77420K7 DJ BoBo - Planet Colors album art DJ BoBo Planet Colors (Album, MiniAlbum) Metrovynil, EAMS 77420K7 Portugal 2001 Sell This Version
74321 94743-2 DJ BoBo - Celebration album art DJ BoBo Celebration (Album) Yes Music, DJ BoBo Records, BMG Berlin Musik GmbH 74321 94743-2 Russia 2002 Sell This Version
TBA YES 2012-2 DJ BoBo - Live In Concert album art DJ BoBo Live In Concert (Album) BMG Berlin Musik, DJ BoBo Records TBA YES 2012-2 Switzerland 2003 Sell This Version
82876 50415 2 DJ BoBo - Visions album art DJ Bobo Visions (Album) DJ BoBo Records, BMG Berlin Musik 82876 50415 2 2003 Sell This Version
82876 54188 2 DJ BoBo - Chihuahua - The Album album art DJ BoBo Chihuahua - The Album (Album) DJ BoBo Records, BMG Berlin Musik 82876 54188 2 Italy 2003 Sell This Version
none DJ BoBo - Pirates Of Dance album art DJ BoBo Pirates Of Dance (Album) Yes Music, DJ BoBo Records none Germany 2004 Sell This Version
761997 8350425 DJ BoBo - DJ Bobo Instrumentals (Part 1) album art DJ Bobo DJ Bobo Instrumentals (Part 1) Yes Music 761997 8350425 Switzerland 2007
1020192YES DJ BoBo - Vampires album art DJ BoBo Vampires (Album) Yes Music 1020192YES Germany 2007 Sell This Version
0189552ERE DJ BoBo - Olé Olé The Party album art DJ BoBo Olé Olé The Party (Album) Yes Music 0189552ERE Germany 2008 Sell This Version
none DJ BoBo - Fantasy album art DJ BoBo Fantasy (Comp, Album) Yes Music, Warner Music Group Central Europe, TBA none Switzerland 2010 Sell This Version
YES 3100 DJ BoBo - Dancing Las Vegas album art DJ BoBo Dancing Las Vegas (Album) Yes Music YES 3100 Germany & Switzerland 2011 Sell This Version
YES 4020 DJ BoBo - Dancing Las Vegas - The Show - Live In Berlin album art DJ BoBo Dancing Las Vegas - The Show - Live In Berlin Yes Music YES 4020 Europe 2012 Sell This Version
YES 2061 DJ BoBo - Reloaded album art DJ Bobo Reloaded (Album) Yes Music YES 2061 Switzerland 2013 Sell This Version
none DJ BoBo - Circus album art DJ BoBo Circus (Album) Yes Music none Germany 2013 Sell This Version
761997820902 DJ BoBo - Mystorial album art DJ BoBo Mystorial(CD, Album) Yes Music 761997820902 Germany & Switzerland 2016 Sell This Version
7 619978 24002 DJ BoBo - Kaleidoluna album art DJ BoBo Kaleidoluna (Album) Yes Music 7 619978 24002 Germany, Austria, & Switzerland 2018 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

FM 1011 DJ BoBo - I Love You album art D.J. BoBo* I Love You(12") Fresh Music FM 1011 Switzerland 1990 Sell This Version

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February 24, 2022
my guilty pleasure the guys the godfather of euro dance


June 4, 2012
OK, so, DJ BoBo has put out his 11th studio album, “Dancing Las Vegas.” The year 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of DJ BoBo’s career in music. It has really been a lot of water under the bridge since he released his first dancefloor hit, “Somebody Dance With Me,” in November 1992. In fact, almost 20 years have elapsed since that time, and during those years, dance music was constantly changing. The eurodance craze subsided somewhere in 1997 or so to give way to dream music, which, in turn, was replaced by italodance and then electro house, Hands Up (aka dancecore), and trance. This is not the whole story, of course. Mention should also go to German, Dutch, UK, and Spanish techno, hardcore, and happy hardcore productions of the ’90s; Romanian acts of the ’00s (Inna, Alexandra Stan, Deepside Deejays, Akcent); and R’n’B-infused club house, which currently dominates the music channels over here and probably in the rest of Europe as well.

Eurodance ceased to be mainstream, but it did not die; it just became more flexible in its sound and structure. There is still classic eurodance, the brilliant “male rapping, female singing” genre, which is now kept alive like the Olympic flame by artists such as Alex, Acting Lovers, and a handful of others. There is also not-so-classic eurodance, which treats us to a taste of ’90s sound – check out Dr. Alban’s “Back To Basics” or Captain Jack’s “Back To The Dancefloor.” And, finally, there are oldtimers who are in constant search for new inspirations and sounds. One such oldtimer is The Last Vampire, DJ BoBo.

I must admit I have only recently come to appreciate his post-’90s work. It has taken me time and thought. There was a time when I believed anything without the familiar beat and combo formula in it was not worth noticing. Only later have I come to realize that you cannot expect the same formula to be exploited for decades – most people will be bored, even if a circle of fans will be grateful. This is probably one of the reasons for the mainstream decline of classic eurodance in the late ’90s – people just got bored with the endless repetition of the same musical formula. Something new had to be invented to capture people’s interest. So, Euro artists started to look for other directions in their music, and many of them succeeded in doing so without compromising the quality of their output. Look at Scooter, Dr. Alban, Corona, E-Type, or Captain Jack. DJ BoBo, too, abandoned classic eurodance long ago, but, seriously, his music did not become any worse or less Euro. Just like the artists mentioned above, he displays enormous talent. I have not heard each one of his albums, but those that I have as part of my collection make me want more. A while back, I read on a dance forum that DJ BoBo produces trash; I disagree. “Pray,” “It’s My Life,” “Celebration,” “Together,” “What A Feeling,” “Chihuahua,” “I Believe,” “One Vision, One World,” “Let The Party Begin,” “Secrets of Love,” and “Vampires Are Alive” do not sound like trash; in fact, they would do credit to any dance artist. These are all big tunes that sound 100% Euro. They are all imbued with that distinct European flavor that makes eurodance music so pleasantly different from other genres. And many of them are what should really be played in clubs and on FM radio but what, unfortunately, does not count as club music.

Now back to “Dancing Las Vegas.” Like DJ BoBo’s previous productions, it is extremely well-crafted and is perfectly Euro. Of the album’s thirteen tracks, I would rate six as “excellent” (“Everybody’s Gonna Dance,” “I Love My Radio,” “Gotta Go,” “Everybody’s Free,” “La Vida Es,” and “Hypnotic”), two as “good” (“Love Never Dies” and “Dead Or Alive”), three as “OK” (“I’m Living To Love You,” “Robin Hood,” and “Viva Las Vegas”), and two as “passable” (“You Drive Me Crazy” and “Hero Of The Night”). As you can see, most of the album (eleven tracks) is excellent to good stuff, with only two tracks being, in my opinion, not quite up to the mark. But when DJ BoBo is good, he is awesome. The album starts off very strongly with “Everybody’s Gonna Dance,” a happy dance track. Then comes “I Love My Radio,” also a fantastic track, with a slight tinge of nostalgia for the artist’s teen days and the music of that time. “Gotta Go,” a happy, summery ’90s-style euroreggae song, takes you back to the glorious days of classic eurodance and makes you want to move. This is my top favorite on this album, which sends a tingle down my spine every time I listen to it. “Everybody’s Free,” “La Vida Es,” and “Hypnotic” are also nothing but pure listening pleasure. The sound is fresh and modern, and yet it is unmistakably Euro. The music is catchy and bubbling with positive vibes, and we also get some rapping on “Everybody’s Gonna Dance” and “Gotta Go” – just like the raps DJ BoBo did in the good ol’ days. “Hypnotic” resembles the current R’nB-influenced dance fare by the likes of David Guetta, Pitbull, and Bob Sinclar, but I have no problem with that. It adds some pleasant variety and is catchy and upbeat. “Love Never Dies” is a very sweet ballad, not what I normally like on a dance album but certainly worth a listen. I am a little bit disappointed with only two tracks, “Hero Of The Night” and especially “You Drive Me Crazy,” which pale in comparison with the rest of the album. I think DJ BoBo could and should have done better.

Perhaps DJ BoBo’s lyrics do get a bit shallow when he starts speaking of love, but after all, this is dance music and you can’t expect too much sophistication from it.

Overall, “Dancing Las Vegas” is a solid, mood-boosting album, which far surpasses much of what is currently on the dance music market. Take your time, listen to it at leisure on a sunny summer afternoon with your window open wide, and I am sure it will grow on you. DJ BoBo is in top form and still has much to offer!


September 8, 2008
DJ Bobo is one of the fundamental euro-dance music producers in the 90's. His tracks like: Keep On Dancing, Somebody Dance With Me, Take Control, Let The Dream Come True, Love Is All Around, Freedom was and still are joy for a spirit. All the music, always was sounds perfectly, so boldly we can say that he was a profesionalist from the beginning of his career. I need to mention about all the talented vocalists like a: Emel Aykanat, Lisa Abbott, Natascha Wright and many many else...
All his songs are reminds me of my childhood. When I'm listening it I feel like a 10-15 years ago, that's amazing.


May 24, 2008
12-15 years ago his beats were awesome. It was eurodance, which we, those who experienced it back then, when it sounded interesting, know 95% of the time was just fun and harmless feel-good music...Eurodance was music for very young souls, and that's exactly what DJ BoBo used to stand for. His 1994 album "There Is A Party" is probably one of the best examples of "classic" eurodance music. His 1996 "World In Motion" was somewhat of a departure from the popularity-declining eurodance stream, but retained some of its electronic appeal. Finally, 1998's "Magic" is the last Bobo album worth mentioning, as every next album since then was worse and worse and worse. His latest album, "Vampires" is a plain musical abomination.
But anyway...He was an artist of the 90s and his work during that time is what he'll be remembered for. And he belongs to the young people of the 90s. Those who listened to Bobo after his golden era really missed something and it's unprobable that they'll ever like any of his music. But then again, these are other times, with Bobos of their own.
Oh, and don't listen to those pretending Bobo was sh*t from the very beginning. They either were too old for his music, either first listened to his music 10 years too late, either are ignorant hypocrites who like to bash things (yeah, we get a lot of those lately). I repeat: it was music for very young souls. Trust me: those who were kids 15 years ago will most probably always keep a nice, nostalgic memory of DJ Bobo. I know I do.

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