Brian Welch

Real Name:
Brian Phillip Welch
Guitarist Brian Phillip Welch was born June 19, 1970 in Torrance, California. He is better known by his nickname, "Head".

Welch met guitarists James Shaffer and Reginald Arvizu in highschool. With Arvizu he formed a band named “Pierct”. “Pierct” became “Toy” after a couple of line-up changes, amongst them the adding of Shaffer. After “Toy” split up Arvizu and Shaffer went on to form L.A.P.D. (4) with Richard Morill and David Silveria. Welch toured with L.A.P.D. and acted as their roadie. The band's name was then changed to "Creep" and Welch was taken on as a full-time member. The band changed their name to Korn soon after and Morill was replaced with Jonathan Davis.

Welch played lead guitar as well as singing backup vocals in Korn. Welch announced on February 22, 2005 that after 13 years Welch had parted ways with the band, citing that he had "...chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end". On March 10, 2005, Welch was baptized in the Jordan River with a group of believers hailing from Bakersfield, California.

As of February 2005, Welch went on to perform as a solo-artist and released several EP’s and in 2008 the album "Save Me From Myself". He formed a new band named "Love And Death (2)" in 2012. In may 2013 he announced his return to Korn.

Welch has a daughter, Jennea Welch from his wife, Rebekah, which he divorced later on.

Band History
L.A.P.D. (4) (roadie, 1989-1993)
Creep (guitar, 1993)
Korn (lead guitar, backing vocals, 1993-2005, 2013-present)
Head (2) (solo, guitar and vocals, 2005-2012)
Love And Death (2) (guitar and vocals, 2012-present)
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