Reginald Arvizu

Real Name:
Reginald Quincy 'Fieldy' Arvizu
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu was born November 2, 1969 in Bakersfield, California. He is the bass player for the band Korn. Prior to this, he also started the band L.A.P.D. (4) with Munky and David Silveria, who are also founding members of Korn, and Richard Morill.
Fieldy had a lot of nicknames. Garr, Garfield, Gopher, Garf, Fieldy’s Nuts, all Fieldy.

His playing style consists of slapping, double slapping, double-popping, standard finger-style plucking, and palm muting; his standard tuning is: A, D, G, C, F.
The majority of Fieldy's bass riffs are hip-hop inspired. He says he gets inspiration from anything hip-hop. It is said he titled every Korn album.

In 2002 Fieldy released an album of his own hiphop side-project named "Fieldy's Dreams - Rock 'N Roll Gangster".
In 2008 Fieldy formed a hip-hop metal crossover band named "Capital Q" which was transformed into "Stillwell (2)" in 2011. The debut album "Dirtbag" was released in 2011. Stillwell includes rapper "Q-Unique" and drummer "Wuv Bernardo" (of P.O.D.).
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