Tarrentella vs. Redanka

Chris Bourne and Andy Holt met when they were both signed to Whoop! Records. Chris was Tarrentella. Andy was Redanka. They shook hands like men and Tarrentella:Redanka was born. Then began the amalgamation of their tribal-tech sound that has brought them worldwide acclaim.

Together they have collaborated with artists such as Danny Tenaglia on the DATAR project for Hooj, and with Satoshi Tomiie, as Graffik, and Sander Kleinenberg, as SKTR. Their remixography consists of work for Way Out West, Derrick May's 'Strings of Life', Andy Ling and Tilt. Tarrentella:Redanka productions have appeared on compilations like Nick Warren's Global Underground (old and new), Anthony Pappa's Global Underground, Sandra Collins' Tranceport III, Sander Kleinenberg's, and Satoshi Tomiie's Nu-Breed.

At the same time, Chris and Andy have been inundated with demands to DJ all around the world. They have taken their sound to such far-flung places as Japan, Finland, Hong Kong, Greece, Aruba, Argentina and Indonesia. They have been invited to play in legendary clubs as Pacha in Ibiza, The Kitchen in Dublin and on the Terrace at Space in Miami. They have also toured North America twice in the past two years playing 22 gigs from Mexico to Canada, and from East Coast to West.

They are currently pursuing other projects alongside their existing commitments. Chris is collaborating with a variety of other artists on his aptly named Me and Our Friends project, whilst Andy's Situation 2wo has been signed by Rip for an album. In addition to this, expect another Tarrentella, another DATAR, another Graffik, and the long awaited SKTR (with Sander) to be released in 2003.

DJ Mixes

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