Edda MűvekCompositions & Recordings

Real Name:
Attila Pataki, István Alapi, Zoltán Hetényi, László Kicska, Zsolt Gömöry
Edda Művek is a successful Hungarian rock band formed in 1973 initially under the name "Griff".
Undergoing a brief name change to Edda, the band finally settled for Edda Művek shortly thereafter. The name "Edda" was inspired by the Prose Edda of Norse Mythology while the word, "Művek" (works), is a symbolic reference to the band originally starting its career in the industrial city of Miskolc, also dubbed as the "Steel City". According to frontman, Pataky Attila, "Művek" has also come to represent the band's "labor intensive" work ethic and prolific approach to songwriting, recording and touring.