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Mike Henk Untitled Pulsar Recordings US 1994 Sell This Version
Mike Henk Untitled Pulsar Recordings US 1994 Sell This Version
DOX 001 Mike Henk Untitled(12", Cle) Pulsar Recordings DOX 001 US 1994 Sell This Version
Mike Henk Untitled Pulsar Recordings US 1995 Sell This Version
Freddie Fresh* / Mike Henk Freddie Fresh* / Mike Henk - Untitled Pulsar Recordings, Pulsar Recordings US 1995 Sell This Version


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November 29, 2007
In music as in sagas, the greatest heroes are oftentimes the unsung ones. Whereas Woody is still widely acknowledged and Freddie, although more of a connoisseur's acquired taste, well praised for his work, Mike Henk seems to have criminally fallen off the radar. This is certainly due to the obscurity of the releases he appears on (and of the character himself?) on one hand, the lack of distinct, signature tracks on the other. While McBride earned deserved respect for a few more recognisable pieces amongst dozens of records of varied quality, while Fresh harvested no-less deserved lauds for issuing some milestones on all labels that counted at the time, Mike, in pure Detroit fashion, released four and a half records on his own imprint and one track for Analog (presumably in exchange for Freddie's contribution on DOX 004). Period. But then what records! They may not have the immediate catchiness (or commercial potential -- yuck!) of a Rattlesnake or a DJ Unfriendly, but they all reek of genuine quality and an ear in the know can actually spot them from far away. All are relatively simple, yet efficient, smooth at times, corrosive at others, mostly tripped out (DOX 002 A1, DOX 003 A1 and DOX 004 B2, particularly so). The frequent use of coloured wax, the many untitled tracks and the extremely minimal center label artwork (the mention "Pulsar Recordings" on one side, the sinewave logo on the other) greatly add to the charms, illustrating once again that less can be more.
In fact, perhaps it is a good thing that those records be so scarce: at least the risk of overdose and repetition is quite limited; Henk managed to dodge the trap and did not carry on under that guise when he had nothing left to add. An unsung hero, truly.

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