Crossing Chaos

Crossing Chaos were a Hardcore, Crust punk band from Avesta, Sweden. From 1996 - 2007 the band was Active.
Band Members
Per Chaos - drums. 96 - 2008
Jim Chaos - guitar and vocals. 96 - 2008
Danny Chaos - guitar and vocals. 96 - 2008

Ex members:

Andreas Hedin - Guitar 96-99
Tedd - Guitar 99-2001
Johan Lyxell - Bass 2001-2004
Tedd - Bass 2004-2007
Pjär - Vocals 2007-2008
Tompa - Bass 2007 - 2008

Svenskt råpunk band från Avesta.
Bildat 1996.

"From the Facebook About Me"

Crossing Chaos were formed in Avesta 1996 by Jimmy (EX; Samhällets Virus,) Daniel (EX; A.B Hjärndöd,Anabola Militärer,Cunt Crush) and Per (EX; A.B Hjärndöd,Samhällets Virus,Anabola Militärer).They recorded their first demo "Bränd Snutkuk" in Q-lturhuset. After the recording Andreas Hedin joined the band on guitar. Some gigs were done in our area. They take part on some compilations.


Recorded the selftitled demo "Crossing Chaos" in Jim Chaos studio "Studio Pilsner". We did some gigs in Falun, Mora, Hedemora and Avesta with bands like EBOLA (Ger),ASOCIAL & UNCURBED. More compilations.


Recorded our second demo "Promo ’98" in Soundlab Studio with Mieszko Talarczyk
in Örebro. We were voted as "Svinets Favorit" by Mikael Sörling in Close-Up Magazine.Recorded our first 7" Ep "From the nearest liquor store in hell" in Black Lounge Studio, later released by Resist The System Records year 2000. Some more gigs were done in Avesta and Borlänge with THE KRISTET UTSEENDE, DELLAMORTE, DRILLER KILLER, AVSKUM and FIRST DEGREE MURDER. On a gig with 59 TIMES THE PAIN and BRAZEN in Q-turhuset, Avesta it was Jimmy behind the drums and Hedin on bass. Some compilations.

We recorded the "Behind the glamorous face of our hypocritical eden ruled by powermad bastards EP" in Black Lounge Studio and released later by Yellow Dog Records in 2002.
we also recorded a nwe version of the first demo "Bränd Snutkuk" again in Studio Pilsner and we also recorded 3 covers for a MOB 47 tribute released by Blindead Productions. The songs: Why Must They Die, Maktmissbruk & Dom Ljuger.

Played at Eldslandet in Jönköping with Uncurbed & Kontrovers. In Uppsala on a "ANIMAL RIGHTS" gig with bands like: COSA NOSTRA, DISKONTO,BESK,CHARTA 77,RADIOAKTIVA RÄKER etc. More Compilations.

Our first record was out this year.Recorded the "Disgusting Reality" Ep in Black Lounge Studio and released by Blindead Productions. More compilations. A gig at Q-lturhuset with DRILLER KILLER, DISKONTO, UNCURBED & FIRST DEGREE MURDER. Also a party gig at FDM’s rehearsal room in Borlänge with F.D.M. & UNCURBED.

Recording of the split 7" Ep with FULL OF HATRED in Black Lounge Studio relesed by Raid Records 2002. 3 more songs was recorded in the same studio. Compilations. No gigs this year.

we recorded our upcoming LP in Black Lounge Studio. It will be released by Human Vermin Records sometime 2003. More compilations. We did a "Punkfestival" gig at Brunnby Camping, Knivsta with bands like AVSKUM, UNCURBED,FIRST DEGREE MURDER, REBELL ROBERT etc.

Recorded "Torsten hällde brännvin i ett glas åt Karin Söder", in Studio Pilsner, for a tribute to the EDDIE MEDUZA. Mixed in Black Lounge Studio. It will be released by Ägg Tapes & Records. Recording of the songs:"Tooth by Tooth" and "Be your own god", recorded in Studio Pilsner and mixed in Black Lounge Studio. released by Blindead Productions & Halvfabrikat Records.

LP "At THE END" released by Putrid Filth Conspiracy.

We are back from hell. Crossing Chaos were confirmed for a gig at MJC Flambeau, Reims in France 6 Mars with REGRESS, LIFE SENTENCE, and SKITYOUTH ARMY. And a NEW record to come later this year,The split with ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM.Johan Chaos also left the band for school and move to Sthlm.

Thist year we celebrate 10 year as a band,and we should recorded a cople of new songs later this year.
We also gott a new member in the band.Teddy Chaos is the new bassplayer.

We were on a european tour in April.We meet a lot of nice people,listen to good music,eat good food and drink lots off good beers.we did our tour with the italian boys Koppa and Gra.We also recorded some new songs,

One off the new song (Hora/Whore) is a old song but we decide to recorded the song one more time.Three off the new songs will be released later on a split together with Death From Above from Italy/UK.

Our bass player Teddy Chaos decided to quit the band and our new bass player is Tompa from SVART PARAD and ASOCIAL,nowdays bass player in
We have lots of new songsand someone of them ar recorded..

We did our last concert at Sardinia in september 2008.
But that doesnt mean that we will not play again.