Sutcliffe Jügend

English transgressive art unit fronted by Kevin Tomkins (ex-Whitehouse). Started as a Power Electronics act in 1982, quickly gaining a name for itself, before branching out stylistically, creating a distinctive style that drew influence from all manner of genres while keeping true to their roots as a noise act.
The project ended in 2019. They are continuing under a new name called Slaves No More.


WDC883028, WDC88 3028 Sutcliffe Jügend - Campaign album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Campaign(Cass) Come Organisation, Come Organisation WDC883028, WDC88 3028 UK 1982 Sell This Version
WDC 883030 Sutcliffe Jügend - We Spit On Their Graves album art Sutcliffe Jugend* We Spit On Their Graves Come Organisation WDC 883030 UK 1982 Sell This Version
WDC8830 Sutcliffe Jügend - Seven Tortures album art Sutcliffe Jügend Seven Tortures(Cass, Album, Ltd) Come Organisation WDC8830 UK 1982 Sell This Version
FRR 019 Sutcliffe Jügend - Death Mask album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Death Mask(CD) Freek Records FRR 019 UK 1996 Sell This Version
DEATH-982 Sutcliffe Jügend - When Pornography Is No Longer Enough album art Sutcliffe Jügend When Pornography Is No Longer Enough(CD, Album) Death Factory DEATH-982 Sweden 1998 Sell This Version
DEATH-991 Sutcliffe Jügend - The Victim As Beauty album art Sutcliffe Jügend The Victim As Beauty(CD, Album) Death Factory DEATH-991 Sweden 1999 Sell This Version
un038 Sutcliffe Jügend - Threnody For The Victims Of Ignorance album art SJ* Threnody For The Victims Of Ignorance(CDr, Album) Unlabel un038 UK 2006 Sell This Version
GF/HOS-166 Sutcliffe Jügend - This Is The Truth album art Sutcliffe Jugend* This Is The Truth Ground Fault Recordings, Hospital Productions GF/HOS-166 US 2007 Sell This Version
DOGMA 004 Sutcliffe Jügend - Transgression album art Sutcliffe Jügend Transgression(LP, Ltd, Num, Whi) Dogma Chase DOGMA 004 Japan 2007 Sell This Version
CSR83CD Sutcliffe Jügend - Japan Tour album art Sutcliffe Jugend* / Satori (2) Sutcliffe Jugend* / Satori (2) - Japan Tour(CD, Album, Ltd) Cold Spring CSR83CD UK 2007 Sell This Version
TMU194 Sutcliffe Jügend - End Of Autumn album art Sutcliffe Jügend / Prurient Sutcliffe Jügend / Prurient - End Of Autumn (Album) Troubleman Unlimited TMU194 US 2008 Sell This Version
CSR92CD Sutcliffe Jügend - Pigdaddy album art Sutcliffe Jügend Pigdaddy (Album) Cold Spring CSR92CD UK 2008 Sell This Version
GF/HOS-213 Sutcliffe Jügend - The Fall Of Nature album art Sutcliffe Jügend The Fall Of Nature(CD, Album, Ltd) Ground Fault Recordings, Hospital Productions GF/HOS-213 US 2008 Sell This Version
CSR143CD Sutcliffe Jügend - With Extreme Prejudice album art Sutcliffe Jugend* With Extreme Prejudice(CD, Album) Cold Spring CSR143CD UK 2011 Sell This Version
4iB LP/0811/001 Sutcliffe Jügend - Pursuit Of Pleasure album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Pursuit Of Pleasure (Album) 4iB Records 4iB LP/0811/001 UK, Europe & US 2012 Sell This Version
CBR95 Sutcliffe Jügend - Blue Rabbit album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Blue Rabbit(CD, Album) Crucial Blast CBR95 US 2012 Sell This Version
4iB CD/0513/003 Sutcliffe Jügend - Sans Palatine Uvula album art Sutcliffe Jugend* And Junko Sutcliffe Jugend* And Junko - Sans Palatine Uvula(CD, Album, Ltd, Num) 4iB Records 4iB CD/0513/003 Singapore 2013 Sell This Version
CSR209LP Sutcliffe Jügend - Offal album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Offal (Album) Cold Spring CSR209LP UK 2016 Sell This Version
OECD 224 Sutcliffe Jügend - Masks album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Masks(CD, Album) Old Europa Cafe OECD 224 Italy 2016 Sell This Version
DCRCD008 Sutcliffe Jügend - The Muse album art Sutcliffe Jugend* The Muse(CD, Album, Ltd) Death Continues Records DCRCD008 Belgium 2016 Sell This Version
4iB CDBox/0714/023 Sutcliffe Jügend - S L A V E S album art Sutcliffe Jugend* S L A V E S(6xCD, Album + Box, Ltd) 4iB Records 4iB CDBox/0714/023 Singapore 2016 Sell This Version
DCRCD011 Sutcliffe Jügend - Nude And Full Of Wounds album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Nude And Full Of Wounds(CD, Album, Ltd) Death Continues Records DCRCD011 Belgium 2017 Sell This Version
1-17 Sutcliffe Jügend - Shame album art Sutcliffe Jugend* Shame(CD, Album) Hagshadow 1-17 UK 2017 Sell This Version
RAUB-063, pflicht 079, none Sutcliffe Jügend - Live At Maschinenfest 2017 album art Sutcliffe Jügend Live At Maschinenfest 2017 (Album) Raubbau (2), Pflichtkauf, Raubkauf RAUB-063, pflicht 079, none Germany 2018 Sell This Version
none Sutcliffe Jügend - The Hunger (Bonus) album art Sutcliffe Jugend* The Hunger (Bonus) Death Continues Records none Belgium 2018

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August 30, 2020
"Only time will tell what exactly these two are up to."
They started a new band immediately!


October 26, 2019
Calling Sutcliffe Jugend a Power Electronics band would be a gross oversimplification of them. “We Spit On Their Graves” was fairly basic: screaming over industrial noise. Since then, however, their sound has gotten much more complex. Their Death Factory material had the duo getting into ambient territory at times. Then there was the string of albums they released in the late 2000’s, with “The Fall Of Nature” being particularly eclectic. By the time “Blue Rabbit” came out, they had proven themselves to be much more than simply “Whitehouse 2”. And the material that Tomkins and Taylor churned out since 2016 only made that clearer.

Sadly, the name is no more: This February came with the announcement that the duo has decided to stop performing under the moniker. With this news, they have left a decades-long legacy behind them. But Tomkins and Taylor are apparently moving on to a new project. Only time will tell what exactly these two are up to.

February 9, 2004
Consisting of members Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor, UK-based Sutcliffe Jugend is one of the truly pioneering acts in the power electronics genre. Besides releasing some of their earliest material on William Bennett's Come Organisation imprint, Tomkins was a contributing member to Whitehouse on such releases as 'Cream of the Second Coming', 'Great White Death', and the impossible-to-find 'Right To Kill'. While many modern p.e. groups are stil mimicking Sutcliffe Jugend's earlier work, the duo truly transcended their old sound for something noisier and nastier, clearly evident on their two Death Factory albums and one 7" single. Sexual serial murder electronics... a must for extreme music fans!

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