Wax Doctor hannah_arnell

December 2, 2018
Heard he’s a roofer now . Wonder what Alex Reece is up to . Didn’t last long after sound entity .

Wax Doctor ThursdayEvening

December 26, 2018
Dunno.. There is a US based roofing company bearing his last name established in 1942. Thought he was British.. unless he has US family connections... Hey Paul Saunders/Wax Doctor!! Please let us now if you have anything in the works!!

Wax Doctor Bigchamp69

August 2, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Had to comment! I know I have said it many times on my post's, but yes Wax is a genius. From the early Basement stuff, metalheadz pieces and the rest. His production is deep and talk about those melodies and chords ...(Amens) another level!! A legend! He never gets enough credit, his later jazzy vibes are so well composed and so well put together. Legend is banded around a lot in our scene, mention Wax Doctor and nobody would disagree with you. Salute!!!

Wax Doctor tangee

October 27, 2016
Well, Another Monster Of The Hardcore Scene, The Mighty Wax Doctor, Although I Like Many Pieces He Has Produced It Is The Tunes On Basement Records That I Never Tire Of Mixing And Playing, They Feel The Same To Me Now As They Did Back Then..The Bloke Is Just Too Good..