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Founded and produced by Wessel van Diepen & Dennis van den Driesschen (a.k.a. Danski & DJ Delmundo) and Sebastiaan Molijn & Eelke Kalberg (a.k.a. Pronti & Kalmani). Alice Deejay is trance/dance project that enjoyed huge success in Europe and in Japan from 1998 till 2002. The project's face was Judith Anna Pronk with two other dancers.

Between 2014 and 2021 Alice Deejay made a comeback with a new voice and face - Ilona Vangelder. Also with several new dancers, such as Wesley Vennoza, Amaranta Wolters. During this period, the group was called Alice Dj and not Deejay.

In 2021 Judith Pronk announced, that she would be back with new 'live' shows for a year's time. She first appeared live on 16.10.2021, almost after twenty years. , Facebook , Instagram , X ,
Members:Dennis Van Der Driesschen, Eelke Kalberg, Judith Pronk, Jurgen Rijkers, Sebastiaan Molijn, Wessel Van Diepen
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