French Affair


Karsten Dreyer,Thorsten Dreyer, Barbara Alcindor

Mixing French pop with modern-day dance, Barbara Alcindor (Vocalist) has found success in her native land of Europe.
Born in Paris but a resident of London, England, Alcindor's began her career as a fashion model, before giving dance music a shot. After signing with the BMG record label and teaming up with the Dreyer Brothers production team, French Affair scored a pair of sizeable hit singles in 2000 - "My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Da)" and "Do What You Like" - denting the charts in France, the U.K., Italy, and Germany.
2001 saw the release of French Affair's debut full-length album, "Desire". , Wikipedia
Members:Aimee (2), Barbara Alcindor, Karsten Dreyer, Thorsten Dreyer
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