Swedish "dansband" formed 1959 in Kungälv. Recorded their first album 1961. Original members: Gert Lengstrand, Mats Alfredsson, Göran Liljeblad, Håkan Liljeblad and Lars Larsson (9).
Since the start the band has gone though several members changes. Right now (2017) the band consist of:
Henrik Göransson - Guitar (since 2014)
Per Lundin - Bass (since 2013)
Anders Larsson (7) - Keyboards (since 2004)
Kenny Samuelsson - Vocals (since 1997)
Kjetil Granli - Drums (since 1990)

Former members:
Gert Lengstrand (1959-1966)
Curt Borkman (1966)
Benny Borg (1967-1969)
Robert Löfvendahl (1969-1970)
Ove Pilebo (1970–1984)
Towe Widerberg (1984–1990)
Bo Möllberg (1990-1997)

Håkan Liljeblad (1959-2013)

Göran Liljeblad (1959-2009)
Henrik Uhlin (2009-2014)

Mats Alfredsson (1959-1963)
Bjarne Lundqvist (1963–1988)
Kent Szwonder (1988-1990)

Lars Larsson (9) (1959-2004)
Jörgen Flach (2003 when Lars was ill)

Streaplers Discography Tracks


Streaplers - The Streaplers album art The Streaplers* The Streaplers (Album) Columbia Sweden 1964 Sell This Version
SSX 1012 Streaplers - Three Steps To Heaven album art The Streaplers* Three Steps To Heaven(LP) Columbia SSX 1012 Sweden 1965 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Streaplers Om Igen! album art Streaplers Streaplers Om Igen! (Album) Odeon Sweden 1969 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Det Finns En Sång album art Streaplers Det Finns En Sång (Album) Polydor Sweden 1971 Sell This Version
2379 048 Streaplers - Ge Mej En Dans album art Streaplers Ge Mej En Dans(LP, Album) Polydor 2379 048 Sweden 1972 Sell This Version
2379 064 Streaplers - Alltid På Väg album art Streaplers Alltid På Väg(LP, Album) Polydor 2379 064 Sweden 1973 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Lady Banana album art Streaplers Lady Banana (Album) Polydor Sweden 1974 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Bugga album art Streaplers Bugga (Album) Polydor Sweden 1975 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Valentino album art Streaplers Valentino (Album) Polydor Sweden 1976 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Drivin' album art Streaplers Drivin' (Album) Bohus Grammofon AB Sweden 1977 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Speed album art Streaplers Speed (Album) Bohus Grammofon AB Sweden 1978 Sell This Version
2379 177 Streaplers - Jubileumsalbum album art Streaplers, Gert Lengstrand Streaplers, Gert Lengstrand - Jubileumsalbum(LP, Album) Polydor 2379 177 Sweden 1979 Sell This Version
2379 179 Streaplers - Om Jag Säger Att Jag Älskar... album art Streaplers Om Jag Säger Att Jag Älskar...(LP, Album) Polydor 2379 179 Sweden 1979 Sell This Version
2379 191 Streaplers - Från Kungälv Till San Francisco album art Streaplers Från Kungälv Till San Francisco(LP, Album) Polydor 2379 191 Sweden 1980 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Evelina album art Streaplers Evelina (Album) Mariann Sweden 1981 Sell This Version
MLPH 1530 Streaplers - De' E Bara Å Stå På album art Streaplers De' E Bara Å Stå På(LP, Album) Mariann MLPH 1530 Sweden 1982 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Vår Gamle Vän album art Streaplers Vår Gamle Vän (Album) Mariann Sweden 1983 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Fredagkväll album art Streaplers Fredagkväll (Album) RCA Victor Sweden 1985 Sell This Version
PL 70939 Streaplers - En Sån Natt album art Streaplers En Sån Natt(LP, Album) RCA Victor PL 70939 Sweden 1985 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Älskar, Älskar Inte album art Streaplers Älskar, Älskar Inte (Album) RCA Victor Sweden 1986 Sell This Version
PL 71572 Streaplers - Du Måste Skynda Dig album art Streaplers Du Måste Skynda Dig(LP, Album) RCA Victor PL 71572 Sweden 1987 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Streaplers ‎88  album art Streaplers Streaplers ‎88 (Album) DoReMe Sweden 1988 Sell This Version
Streaplers - De' E' Vi album art Streaplers De' E' Vi (Album) DoReMe Sweden 1990 Sell This Version
Streaplers - Lite Nostalgi album art Streaplers Lite Nostalgi (Album) Mill Records Sweden 1991 Sell This Version
BBRCD 141 Streaplers - Till Min Kära album art Streaplers Till Min Kära(CD, Album) Big Bag BBRCD 141 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version

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