50 Cent as reviewed by jussumen

February 7, 2016
I like 50 1 Not everybody is a NAS or KRS-ONE or Rakim-Still Curtis lyrics are on point and with a strong beat he can spit fire. Is is his unique, rather limited vocal delivery that works for him, Check the G-UNIT mixtaßes ot his recent THE KANAAN mixtape, that really hit haard. Besides that he is clever and cares about his employoes making sure everybody can eat. Like Vube hit real talent is in the movies business-Kust watch that jail macimum security/GULAG with both american heroes (movies) Arnold Schwartenegger + Sylvester Sly Stallone escaping from that hell hole. Curtis maybe a side characterhere but he was the star next to Robert Dinero and on countless other block busters. He even got his own movie company GORILLA Enrtertinment.
I like that he is straight, doesn't derink, doesn't smoke and concentrates on the business side of things. Working with DRE showed him the way to make millions of dollars. Not bad for a stick up id and notorious street gangster !

50 Cent as reviewed by 5555mrzombiekilla

July 29, 2015
50 cent is my favourite rapper, he is talented and releases good music. Get rich or die tryin' is his best album and is one of the best rap albums out there in my opinion. His beats are some of the best rap beats in the world and his lyrics are good

50 Cent 5555mrzombiekilla

July 29, 2015
50 is one of the best rappers out there
his beats are great, lyrics are good!

50 Cent as reviewed by noizyme

March 3, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
I actually agree with mrdominic. when "50" was first in tracks (that I've ever heard), he was actually good (in a Notorious BIG song/remix). his flow was actually on target and he had a message...a rather bland message, but still a message. and now, people just hand him $50,000 bills and say, "that's a good song, 50" without listening to them. they obviously should like a lot of the music (produced by famed Dr. Dre), but if it wasn't for Dre and/or Eminem's fame, 50 would probably still be selling rocks. You can only spit rhymes outta that bullet-riddled head of yours for so long (with has become more or less a mumbling cavern of bragging-rites and profanity for shock value). Not a fan anymore.

50 Cent as reviewed by mrDominic

January 11, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
I may well be lambasted for this comment, but there is something that has never quite "sat right" about this artist for me. It's not the content of his lyrics - all sorts of different musical styles have embraced the gangster lifestyle - it's more the way he makes words rhyme simply by pronouncing them the same, rather than by choosing words that actually rhyme.