The Tuss

Real Name:
Richard David James
The Tuss was initially said to be be a duo made up of Brian Tregaskin and Karen Tregaskin, but years later Richard D James admitted it was in fact just him working under an alias.


The Tuss - Rushup Edge album art The Tuss Rushup Edge (Album, EP) Rephlex Sweden 2007 Sell This Version

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The Tuss - Confederation Trough EP album art The Tuss Confederation Trough EP (EP) Rephlex UK 2007 Sell This Version

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April 8, 2016
edited over 4 years ago
Sounds to me like Richard wanted to take a back from himself for this alias, grabbed a heap of gear & sounds he normally would stay away from and bashed out some arrangements & melodies which people wouldn't normally expect from him and turned out some amazing music in the process.
Further proof that he is a genius of the highest degree.


August 28, 2014
it was recently confirmed that The Tuss is in fact RDJ also..both releases (according to him) should be considered EPs


October 3, 2013
Funky analog drum machine/synth jam tracks from Richard D James. The Tuss formula involves heavily syncopated drum and synth programming, somber and almost jazzy chords, bending analog tones, chunky beats. Compositionally it draws on many themes and styles from RDJ's catalog. Focusing on his ability to craft techno that is not just repetitive, but stylistically dynamic, climactic and engaging works of songcraft. The overall vibe is somber and alienated at times melodically, the drum programming sounds like a mix of several machines playing beats that are rivalled only by the likes of Mike Paradinas or Tom Jenkinson. More refined and less sublte than the songs featured in the Analord series, when The Tuss jams pick up they take you with them. Once you get into the feel of these releases, you won't be able to stop the tracklist.

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