Terry Lee Brown Jr. Moskalus

November 27, 2018
What actually happened to both Terry Lee Brown Jr. and The Timewriter? Why did they stopped relasing music and stuff?

Terry Lee Brown Jr. RMVA

February 14, 2019
He had kids. Also maybe he doesn't have anything to 'say' musically anymore. A lot of artists stop for that reason. He told me on Twitter that he was working on new material, but that was several years ago.

Terry Lee Brown Jr.

December 22, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
I wonder about that as well... seems to be active on his FB page
(edit: not anymore it seems, neither him nor Timewriter)

Terry Lee Brown Jr. ajmedway

December 11, 2018
I ask this all the time too but no answers...

Terry Lee Brown Jr. romes

January 6, 2018
what happened to this guy and his outstanding compilations? nothing new since 2014.

Terry Lee Brown Jr. as reviewed by djplank

March 14, 2007
edited over 14 years ago
Terry Lee Brown and His choice of music for all of the 'Terry's Cafe' Series... is what i would describe as 'Top Drawer'. Every track....has the ability to pull you into sounds and formations...that make you shout out - YES!..How can anyone NOT like this. does it for me...Try it will not be dissapointed. Simple ...Pure Quality!

Terry Lee Brown Jr. as reviewed by Villa.Savoye

July 30, 2021
edited over 20 years ago
With a name like Terry Lee Brown Jr. you might be led to believe that this artist was raised in the urban landscape of Chicago, where his mother played him funk and disco records while in his crib. His album covers just add to the image with a cartoon face that could be a caricature of Chris Rock wearing sunglasses. But in reality TLB Jr. is Norman Feller, a white guy from Germany. You may associate Germany with hard, cold, pounding techno, but the music of Norman Feller as TLB Jr. is funky, soulful while maintaining a healthy dose of dancefloor punch. Specializing in deep, chunky slices of house, Feller keeps the music full, lively and energetic without ever falling into cheesy fluff. Check out his recordings as Nor Elle for music that's more on the downtempo side, while still retaining his super-high level of production and musical quality.


Terry Lee Brown Jr. rumhampeppers

September 13, 2016
terry lee brown is amazing. i got to see him dj in the states. he is the king of sleek dark yet funky music. i cant think of a bad tlb release, or a bad nor elle release

Terry Lee Brown Jr. Groider

April 26, 2012
Great Review