Terry Lee Brown Jr.

Real Name:Norman Feller

Terry Lee Brown Junior, also known as Norman Feller (born Oct 7, 1963), started DJing at parties in the German underground techno and house movement back in 1989. His first productions followed soon after with "The Big Deal" breaking Terry into the world of production back in 1993. Immediately Terry's talent was recognized, and he began contributing more tracks to the global underground. Successful records like "Tales of Mystery" produced together with Tom Wax of AWeX began making waves in the scene. After his civil service he decided to dedicate his life to music and build up a studio of his own. According to Terry, "Music was always one of the most important things in my life so I took the chance to realize this dream." In 1995 he met Alex Plastic who had just founded the Plastic City label for which he first did a remix of Soundcraft's house- classic "The Movement, the Message". In autumn he presented his first release as Terry Lee Brown Junior, the Tribal Nova EP, a multi-faceted, but resolved three track EP. "Tribal Nova" was the percussive trippy house track, "Brother For Real" was a more type of a cool summer-evening track with a touch of jazz, and the third track "Bad House Music" became a pumpin' clubhit. Terry's goal was to never produce one kind of music. He strived to incorporate all of his favorite elements into one cohesive piece of music that was new and innovative. By fusing elements of house, techno, jazz, downtempo, and even drum and bass, Terry began to develop his own distinctive style. When asked about his sound, Terry will say "I am a many sided guy and I am just doing the music how I feel when I am in my studio." , Facebook , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Aliases:Da Kine, Fonka Delix, Nor Elle, Norman (2), Norman Feller, Phasis, Smash (34), Watchman
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