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Quietly and with little notice, coL crafted 47 albums in seven years. Originally a painter as a child, coL turned to music as a teenager, and never looked back. He is a self-taught musician and plays the guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, and pattern programming. coL's singing has always been punk in it's nature, letting whatever comes out be. Over the years coL has remained true to this style, even going as far as improvising several albums' lyrics on the spot. Independence and forward thinking have always been at the forefront of coL's work. In 2001, he founded the underground label: JesusWarhol Records. A year later, after shooting his first music video, he created: Factory 3 Films. Directing videos for Spookey Ruben, R. Stevie Moore, and Pikelet among others. Next came Dead Designs to highlight his Graphics, which includes work for Lilys and Tones On Tail.

He has collaborated with various underground artists: OFFBEAT (with Aaron Embry), Atheif (with Ariel Pink), Colour Sons (with Doleful Lions) Tall Children (with Karoline Hausted), as well as working with Of Life and Richard Sax Ross as producer. - Derek Charles
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JW2 Col - Forgotten album art coL Forgotten(11xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW2 2002
JW5 Col - 26 album art coL 26(16xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW5 2002
JW1 Col - Love at First album art coL Love at First(9xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW1 UK, Europe & US 2002
JW7 Col - Oh, Lindsay album art coL Oh, Lindsay(17xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW7 2003
JW31 Col - Be Your Own Inventor  album art coL Be Your Own Inventor (10xFile, Album) JesusWarhol JW31 2006
JW37 Col - Love and The Others album art coL Love and The Others(10xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW37 2007
JW45 Col - Known For Being Known album art coL Known For Being Known(10xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW45 2008
JW47 Col - Industry Leads album art coL Industry Leads(10xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW47 2008
JW48 Col - Virtual Landscapes album art coL Virtual Landscapes(10xFile, MP3, Album) JesusWarhol JW48 2013