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Connie Mitchell, Jamie Fonti, Sean Fonti, John Bousfield, Paul Wheeler
The meeting of musical minds which created the debut album, "This Is The Sound", happened in 1995 when vocalist Connie Mitchell was drawn to the open door of the studio next door. Inside, Jamie and Sean Fonti were working on new songs; they invited her in to sing on them. All three liked what they heard instantly. The material the Fonti brothers had been writing seemed better suited to a female voice and Connie's vocal was a perfect fit.

Shortly afterwards, the brother's band Caligula folded, Sean went off to play with Def FX and Jamie and Connie began writing songs. Their general approach would involve Jamie crafting the sounds, followed by Connie "singing" over the top, lyrics developed later. "When we write, I sing over something the boys have done and there are lyrics in there. I don't know where they come from. I think it's a mood thing - they convey what kind of mood we were in when we were doing it," Connie said. Jamie added: "We can start with anything - just a chord pattern or a whole lot of ideas. Living in the same house has been really cool, particularly having a little studio there so we can jam at any time. I can bash out a quick idea and call Connie in to sing on it and off she goes. Her vocals give us some interesting guitar, keyboard or drum lines. She's a a little storehouse of musical ideas."

A few years were spent fine-honing the songs, finding the sound that would eventually create its own musical landscape. The chemistry between the Primary trio developed quickly with each member bringing something different to the mix. Sean and Jamie's experience from several bands and constant experimenting fused with Connie's refreshing vigour made for a potent combination.

The Fonti brothers and South African-born singer Connie Mitchell found a lot of common ground, including a shared Irish heritage. "There are probably four or five layers to each song because it is a collection of so many different ideas from each of us," Jamie said. "Connie comes from this place where the lyrics evolve from sounds and moods; Sean provides the aggression and passion and I sit there and analyse and fine tune it."

In 1998 the results of their labours were revealed on the debut EP, Vicious Precious. The title track was produced by Jamie and mixed by Nick Launay, who went on to produce nine tracks of the band's debut album, This Is The Sound, and Jamie producing three tracks - Vicious Precious, Young and Tearing Me Up.

Primary broadened their budding appeal with the beautiful Like Others Do on the Blackrock soundtrack and were the only Australian band included on the Loop Beats compilation with Moby, Leftfield and 808 State. Primary have also contributed the mesmerising What Does It Matter to the forthcoming Australian movie Two Hands soundtrack. At the same time, they ventured onto the stage, with word of their energetic performances quickly spreading. Connie captivated audiences with her visceral presence; fierce one moment, ethereal the next.

With Paul Wheeler on drums and guitarist Jason Howard, Primary "live" is an awesome show. Their gigs have developed into an "event" which includes something for everyone into live music.


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3984269762 Primary (2) This Is The Sound(CD, Album) WEA Records 3984269762 Australia 1999 Sell This Version
8573878462 Primary (2) Watching The World(CD, Album) Warner Music Australia 8573878462 Australia 2001 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

08-29032-20 Primary (2) Brasil(12", Promo) Warners Australia 08-29032-20 Australia 1997 Sell This Version
3984243892 Primary (2) Vicious Precious and Brazillian(CD, Single) Warner Music Australia 3984243892 Australia 1998 Sell This Version
3984227292 Primary (2) Vicious Precious(CD, EP) WEA Records 3984227292 Australia 1998 Sell This Version
Primary (2) Young / This Is The Sound (Single) WEA Records Australia 1999 Sell This Version
3984292092 Primary (2) Supposed To Be Here(CD, Single) WEA 3984292092 Australia 1999 Sell This Version
8573867642 Primary (2) Not For Me(CD, EP, Maxi) WEA 8573867642 Australia 2001 Sell This Version

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