Luis Ruiz

Real Name:Luis Ruiz

From Argentina, living in Buenos Aires, he was born on 1982; since he was a child he was influenced by the Acid House sound of the 80s. He began his career of musical production in 1994. He decided to take the way of the musical production, being influenced by djs/producers of the 80s …
When he was a teen, he went to the first rave parties realized in his country during 1997, specifically watching performances of live music done with synthesizers and drum machines.
After a year of rave parties he specifically begins to go to underground clubs of Techno music, where he will learn about the sound that will mark him for the rest of his life.
In 1998, he starts doing "acid-house" and " techno acid " influenced by the synthesizer Roland TB-303, and the classic drum machines TR-707/808/909; and appear his first Hard Techno projects been strongly influenced by the rave movement of the moment.
Totaly focused to Acid techno sound, hard techno and Detroit Techno, Luis Ruiz searched to resurge the old school techno who had lost the roots of the genre..

In 2010, he founded his own label : Subsequent Records, classic techno style, and in 2012 he re-founded his own with a vinyl label: Subsequent Records LTD with Triplevision (Holland).
August 2012, Luis is resident of Cocoliche club (Buenos Aires), doing live performances of his own productions, Live-PA format playing hardtechno to 135 bpm, and acid with 303 and hardware gear.
- In 2014 born his second vinyl label: Orioni Records with Decks (Germany), focused into the argentinian techno scene, bringing all the futurist and old-school music from South America to the world.
- 2016, Luis present his new performace concept: "Hardware Only". Using analog synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, without computers.





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