Siouxsie & The Banshees


U.K. band, formed in 1976, fronted by Siouxsie Sioux (Susan Janet Ballion) on vocals, with Steven Severin (Steven John Bailey) playing bass.
Budgie (2) (Peter Clarke) on drums (who also worked with Siouxsie as the band The Creatures) joined them in 1980 up to their demise.
Guitarists for the band have included Marco Pirroni (1976), Pete Fenton (1976-1977), John McKay (1977-1979), John McGeoch (1980-1982), John Valentine Carruthers (1984-1987), Jon Klein (1987-1995), Knox Chandler (1995, 2003) and also Robert Smith of The Cure (1980, 1982-1984) (who also worked with Severin as the band The Glove).
Multiinstrumentalist Martin McCarrick was the band's full-time keyboard player from 1987 onwards.
They disbanded in April 1996 and returned once for 'The Seven Year Itch' Tour in 2002. , , Facebook , Wikipedia , , , YouTube , YouTube
Aliases:Janet & The Icebergs
Members:John Beverley, John McGeoch, John McKay, John Valentine Carruthers, Jon Klein, Kenny Morris, Knox Chandler, Marco Pirroni, Martin McCarrick, Pete Fenton, Peter Clarke (5), Robert Smith, Steven Severin, Susan Ballion




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