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August 15, 2015
Seriously UNDER-rated as a singer in his own right.
He is the sometime 'male vocalist' of Chic's LP's e.g. You Can't Do It Alone & I Work For A Livin' from the awful movie OST 'Soup For One'. The album is is a pretty good mix of new & older Chic 'Productions' but I struggled to watch the movie -it's available on Youtube for the brave.
There was talk of a Chic Produced Solo LP for him which Nile Rodgers has stated they did 'shop it around' but no Label was apparently interested.
Though I guess he can feel not TOO bad as Johnny Mathis' LP got as far as mega-mega-rare promo copies but no further as well.
And many say it's one of Nile 'n Nard's BEST offerings either for Chic or others.
Speaking of 'others'...he has remained in constant supply as a writer/arranger and all-round genius especially in the backing vocals world.
Though these days you will find him stage left of Bryan Ferry no less in his 'live band' [& many others] though he's NOT in the current touring line-up of Chic.
Does Bryan pay better or something ?


November 1, 2011
I have been searching for Alphonso "Fonzi" Thornton for years now. We met in 1976-77 in Norfolk Va when he was singing with "Joe Frasier's Revue" along with Michelle, Lennie, Lisa. He sang with the group "Chic" and he also produced music on Diana Ross's album. He is originally from NY NY and was friends with Luther. Does anyone have a clue how to contact him.

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