Samuel Rohrer


Swiss jazz drummer, born 1977 in Bern, based in Berlin. Growing up in a music connected family, he played piano from age 7 and started playing drums when he was 14, studying with Gilbert Paeffgen. Following studies in arts and music in Berne and Boston. Since then he has worked and his currently working with artists like Sidsel Endresen, Nils Petter Molvaer, Vincent Courtois, Malcolm Braff, Daniel Erdmann, Trygve Seim, Bänz Oester, [a =Matthieu Michel], Colin Vallon, Erik Truffaz, Mark Feldman, [Invalid Artist], Joao Paulo Esteves Da Silva, Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen and many more.
In Groups:Ambiq, BraffOesterRohrer, Brodbeck's Playground, Colin Vallon Trio, Dark Star Safari, Kim3, Leafar, Lynx (27), Michael Beck Trio, Peter van Huffel Quartet, Sepiasonic, The Wild Bunch (13), Wolfert Brederode Quartet
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