Hart Of Noise


Hart of Noise was a project of the Munich sound machines Mooner Industries and Bülent Kullukcu. A very special brew of sample music sequenced by Bülent Kullukcu and supported by turntables with Mooner´s record collection. This goes along with a subtle video artwork when they play live, dressed in japanese kimonos, eating cheeserolls or when they cook Cd's and fry 7" inches.

You might know Bülent from Generation Aldi (Dekathlon/Payola), NAQOB (Disko B), and from diverse theatre music productions within Europe.
Mooner is known since side projects as Zombie Nation, GMAM, Club le Bomb, and his own label Erkrankung durch Musique. When they perform they usually destroy about 90% of their equippment but's that's the point of the whole show... , ,
Members:Bülent Kullukcu, Emanuel Günther


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