Martyn Allen

Since purchasing his first set of turntables back in 1989, Martyn Allen has come a long way in DJing standards, playing only for fun wasn't good enough, the DJing bug had set in!. It took some time for people to take him seriously, but with constant persistance he finally became established in the world of DJing. Starting at the time in the UK when just about everybody wanted to be a DJ wasn't easy although some of his first plays were probably the most exciting as the UK was going off! Everyone was clubbing or going to free parties, playing for free didn't matter, with anything from 1000 to 10000 people upfront of you was good enough.

The first firm residency Martyn had was for E.K.T.O.S, a wicked club and rave organisation run by a couple of friends which gave Martyn the opportunity to play along side big names such as Carl Cox, Sasha, Joey Beltram, Alex Patterson, Ian Ossia, etc. Soon other gigs were to follow all over the U.K. - London, Bristol and even Scotland

Finally arriving in Australia with a box of records, Martyn was billed from the UK for DECADENCE and what better start could he have hoped for. There was probably between 800 to 1100 people rolled into the Rooftop Nightclub that night and it was certainly one of Martyn's most memorable parties. From then on more and more gigs came Martyn's way including LOVE New Year's Eve 1994, etc. 1994 was to be a good year seeing Martyn establishing himself more as a Sydney DJ.

But the only sure way to get a regular play in Sydney is to promote your own productions, which Martyn along with another DJ, Dave Kirkpatrick soon did. Dave, who was already behind DECADENCE, teamed up with Martyn, putting on productions such as HOTHOUSE Produce, a very successful event that is still continuing today. The first party took place at the Rooftop Nightclub with 900 people. Needless to say it was a huge success and was followed by the second HOTHOUSE party with international DJ MRS WOOD from REACT Records UK. Probably one of the best parties of 1995 and another big success. Other productions soon developed such as GOLDEN, held at the Underground Cafe - Kings Cross, a once monthly event always packed and kickin.

Martyn's career as a DJ/Promoter escalated New Year;s Eve 1995 when he once again teemed up with Dave Kirkpatrick to become partners in DECADENCE which had already escalated to becoming one of Sydney's best house events and has played host to some of the world's best DJ's including Tony Humphries, Smokin Jo, Jeremy Healy, Graeme Park and Judge Jules, to name just a few. It was an offer he couldn't refuse. Decadence New Year's Eve was a huge success with DJ's Pete Tong and LuvDup drawing a massive Sydney crowd.

Since then DECADENCE had produced some of the most memorable house parties held in Sydney.

Along with promoting and DJing another new venture has developed for Martyn and partner Dave Kirkpatrick. The guys set up their own recording company, Kinetik Recordings with their first compiled and mixed CD - "The history of DECADENCE mastermixed by Dave Kirkpatrick" It includes some of the best in house tracks from the DECADENCE era.



KIN002 Martyn Allen - History Of House Volume 2 album art Martyn Allen History Of House Volume 2(CD) Kinetik KIN002 Australia 1996 Sell This Version

DJ Mixes

SLA28 Martyn Allen - House Of Decadence (Essential House Collective) album art Dave Kirkpatrick (2) : Martyn Allen Dave Kirkpatrick (2) : Martyn Allen - House Of Decadence (Essential House Collective)(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Slamm (Australia) SLA28 Australia 1997 Sell This Version