At The Drive-In jonnyxtreme81

May 5, 2017
awesome new album!!! in-ter a-li-a rocks!!! Why did we have to wait over 14 years? ;-)

At The Drive-In maynardsdead

April 28, 2017
I pre-ordered the New album on vinyl. The wait is killing me.

At The Drive-In davidmichaelwilliams

January 25, 2017
i cannot wait for the new album!!! its going to be interesting to hear what they will deliver :) another masterpiece i imagine

At The Drive-In as reviewed by somejerk

July 7, 2003
Yay At the Drive-In!
They broke up and formed 3 other great bands:
Sparta (emocore-ish), Mars Volta(psychedelic-emocore), and Defacto(straight-up dub-reggae).
Definetly worth a check out, even though they ain't really electronic.

At The Drive-In LeisureMuffin

May 1, 2017
Also, Omar's many solo albums, and the bands Crystal Fairy, Anywhere, Bosnian Rainbows, and Antemasque.