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Real Name:Matias Chavez

Formed in the middle of 2006, Heatbeat is composed of two DJs and producers from Argentina, Agustin Servente and Mathias Chavez.
Since they were kids, Matias and Agustin were influenced by artists like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, BT, Judge Jules, Paul van Dyk to name a few. Having produced for a long time before they met, the two producers have acquired a high level of musical production. Their productions range from Progressive- and Electro-Trance to Uplifting- & Tech-Trance, and even Nu-Trance (also known as "Minimal" Trance).
Although Heatbeat was created for just a few time, their productions and remixes had already been supported by worldwide DJs like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Eddie Halliwell amongst others. They already shared decks with DJs like Cosmic Gate, Sean Tyas, Ron van den Beuken or The Thrillseekers. They also played in the biggest clubs of Buenos Aires, currently having their own residency at Bahrein Club.
From December of 2018 Agustin Servente left the project, Mathias Chavez stayed in project alone.

Sites:MySpace , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:HeatDeep, More Analog, Stacker
Members:Agustin Servente, Mathias Chavez
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