Real Name:Thomas Gillert (Tomasz Gillert)

Spaceraider is a synthdance project made by polish electronic musician Tomasz Gillert. He started his musical adventure in the 80's, thanks to his interest in electronic music and computers. He bought an ATARI 800XL and started to create first simple tracks with Sound Studio software. Then he switched to Timex (ZX Spectrum clone) with AY chip.

The next great step in Spaceraider's sonic evolution was an Amiga 500. Protracker software allowed Thomas to create many complex tracks. He was also very active at polish demo-scene, taking part in many module competitions. Then the PC era came...

Being sceptical at first, Tomasz changed his mind when he discovered Fasttracker software on PC. He started to make multichannel XM modules with 16-bit samples. Nowadays Spaceraider uses Fruity Loops software with various plugins along with Roland's master keyboard - this combination allows for professional results.

His dream was to present his synthdance music to a wider audience, which was made possible with the release of Spaceraider's first record through AXIS Records label. Tomasz now composes new synthdance tracks, one of them is featured on AXIS Megamix Vol.1.
Aliases:Thomas Gillert


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