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Pioneers of German "krautrock" music, Popol Vuh was the creature of Florian Fricke (1944-2001). The first album "Affenstunde" (1970) is an early jaunt into electronic music with its massive use of the Moog synthesizer as well as added percussion. "In Den Gärten Pharaos" (1971) experimented with a fusion between electronic and organ sounds, creating an intense, almost religious ambient music. From "Hosianna Mantra" (1972) on, Popol Vuh abandoned the electronic medium to develop a personal avant-garde progressive rock music. Florian Fricke died in 2001 in his sleep.

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Members:Al Gromer Khan, Conny Veit, Daniel Fichelscher, Djong Yun, Florian Fricke, Frank Fiedler, Guido Hieronymus, Holger Trülzsch, Klaus Wiese, Mathias von Tippelskirch, Maya Rose, Renate Knaup, Robert Eliscu, Susan Goetting, Ted De Jong
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