Mike Humphries

Real Name:Mike Humphries

Mike has been producing techno since the early nineties, and his first productions were co-written, under the name of D. Kontrol. They were released on the Belgium labels, 2 Thumbs, Mineral and Growth ,the in-house labels of Frank De Wulf, Since then, remixes have been created for Glenn Wilson on Planet Rhythm, Heroes, Aphrohead (aka Felix Da House Cat)
on Bush Records (Area 51 mix), Thomas Krome's Bitches from Hell on Corb (Cold Dust mix).
Mike has concentrated more on producing tracks for his own labels. Punish, the sleazy sounds of Techno,Together with co-founder Glenn Wilson, Punish was the start of a new sound in techno.
With the label Red Seal, recording under the name H, he brought you the World Downfall series (big hitters on the Fuse presents series for Dave Clarke), 2 Thieves and was
responsible for live PAs as Cold Dust with Nuccle. He started Black and White records, co-ran Player Records, the in-house label of the Orbit UK (R.I.P.) bringing anonymous releases to the Player label that were also remixed by DJ Bam Bam, DJ Urban and Angel Alanis, as well as artists such as Joey Beltram, Adam Beyer, Marco Bailey and Mark Broom, Ben Simms on the Player Remixes label.
Mike left all of these projects behind him at the end of 2003 to make way for his most recent project, Mastertraxx, which began in 2004.
Mike has DJ-ed and played live sets in clubs all around the world, and is currently a resident for The Darkside in Leeds(UK) , MySpace
In Groups:2 Thieves, Area 51, Cold Dust, D.kontrol, D.O.M., DJ La Puta vs. The Notorious Mr. T, Drone, Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson, Nuccle vs. H, Player 69, Pusher (2), Tantra (3), Tank Source
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