PLASMA2097 is the artist name of a dude who was born in the 80s, raised in the 90s and influenced during the turn of the millennium. The name consists of two parts: “PLASMA” marks the ingenuity about futuristic accomplishments in science and the love for science fiction tv shows and movies like Star Trek The Next Generation, Stargate and Alien up to Back to the Future. “2097” symbolises a homage for the Playstation game WipE’Out’’2097.

When it comes to musical influences it would be best to stick to genres otherwise this biography could turn into a full scale name dropping apocalypse from the end of the 90s until today. Musical influences throughout the centuries spread out from Techno, Trance, Electro, House, Minimal and Dubstep.

PLASMA2097’s first moves with 12 years began with dj experimentation on a two cassette deck ghetto blaster. By the age of eighteen the rise of technologies gave him the ability to already have recorded a bunch of stomping techno and trance tracks. Over time the bpm count and style changed, varied and evolved into something he calls his own style.

In late 2016 ESTEBAM RECORDS were founded by him to become a self publishing artist. His main motivation is trying to make any sense at all and to immortalize himself. The best reward of all is to being heard and to give someone a good time.

PLASMA2097 is a coffee and harmony loving music addict with a professional background in graphic design. He likes to create corporate identities and t-shirt designs for him and his friends. He says weird things like this: “Plasma2097 is the name for minimalistic non commercial techhouse tunes created by contemporary mood changes and influences.”


Plasma2097 Discography

Singles & EPs

STBMREC001 Plasma2097 I Heard it through the Bass Vibe(Maxi) Estebam Records STBMREC001 Germany 2016 Sell This Version