Tom Delaney

Real Name:Thomas Henry Delaney

African-American songwriter, most notably of 'Jazz Me Blues'.
Born September 14, 1889 in Charleston, South Carolina.
Died December 16, 1963 in Baltimore, Maryland. (hardening of arteries).
As a singer he only recorded four songs, backed by Fred Longshaw, for Columbia in 1925. Husband of Pearl Delaney ,° Baltimore 1897 (?) , † Baltimore 1928, with whom he co-wrote the Blues/Jazz classic "Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning".
He spent his childhood in orphanages, including the Jenkins Orphanage in Charleston, where he got his first musical experience and formed the Springfield Minstrels. In the early 1920s he toured the East Coast in a song and dance duo billed as Mitchell and Delaney. He was manager and accompanist for singer Ethel Waters. Her recording of his song “Down Home Blues,” with Delaney backing her up on piano, launched Waters's career.

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