Above & Beyond Yuukaa_Sa

August 3, 2018
edited 10 months ago
They used to be "Above & Beyond".....however after 2011ish they have been known as "Below & Behind" for me. Very mediocre releases from them. There is still a few good ones here and there that I don't mind....but for the most part they are not who they used to be in the 2002-2010 period.

Above & Beyond adovilla34

November 9, 2018
Are you still the same person you used to be since 2002?

Above & Beyond psytranchill

March 4, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
The most famous and influential trance act of all times, Above & Beyond and their side monikers, along with their side project with Justine Suissa, OceaLab, were certainly the main responsible for defining what trance would become in the mid of the 2000's (the "era" when the genre reached its pinnacle for many trance fans, and I would rather say for most of them): an even better kind of electronic music, more melodic and less "festive" in comparison to what it used to be in the 90's, with more beautiful and soulful arrengements and vocals (though, sadly, this is often called "cheesy" by some, and when I read things like this I can't avoid but to agree with Vangelis: we are living a musical era when you can't turn on the radio without having to take an aspirin – that's what happens when melody, the most important aspect of music, becomes "cheese"). Even though trance evolved and took a different direction around the 2010's (what will always happen), and so did A&B and most other trance acts, those three guys (and that girl) will always deserve our respect!

Above & Beyond misserinpiper226

March 2, 2019
edited 3 months ago
Because a&b was not one of The founding artist’s of Electronic music They don’t deserve The respect That older dj’s before The start of The millennium deserve, Those older one’s paved The way for a&b, We all would’nt have had That 2000s Electronic music without Them.

Above & Beyond misserinpiper226

April 24, 2018
Some of The 2000s stuff Got me Going but some of It was depressing, As for This 2010s junk It's just That, junk, It's The most depressing edm That I've ever heard and need's To be remedied with some real shit like There used To be which Is what I want To work on.

Above & Beyond Trance88

April 21, 2013
I became a fan of Above & Beyond in 2005 after hearing such tracks as "Air For Life" and "Alone Tonight". Since they changed their sound around the time of their "Group Therapy" album, I've felt there have been far fewer tracks released by them that I like. I'm afraid they've left their "epic/uplifting" melodic trance style that I loved so much behind and are now focusing more on electro and progressive house. It's a shame that they just completely dropped their roots and trademark style for a more commercial sound.

Above & Beyond alnglas

March 19, 2018
If you liked their 2005 sound roll on back a few more years prior to that if you haven't already and discover their other works, aliases and remixes of other artist. Dirt Devils was a harder sound and some of the remixes they created for other artist you will most likely love as well.

Above & Beyond Startrekgenerations

May 28, 2015
I couldn't agree more. I have long held the opinion that Above & Beyond are the GODS of Trance, or should that now be 'were' gods of Trance.

Above & Beyond trancend00

June 7, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
What, you dont like shaking yer booty to some hot elctro boody funk !?

Above & Beyond as reviewed by tonumaa

August 24, 2012
edited over 4 years ago
The remix they did for Madonna is epic.
Thanks guys!

Above & Beyond ohyaimcoolest

January 28, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
words can never show just how much emotion is in the sounds that above and
beyond creates. the atmosphere of this music will help you fly... when you need therapy,
this music is here, (and it gives me that) when you need inspiration, clear guidance,
anything... you want a review? I can't say enough about this group.

above and beyond is some of the greatest trance you'll ever hear in your lifetime.

I own 2 above and beyond cd's, still haven't picked up the newest cd but I have heard it. (getting it soon)
I usually don't pick up a album from an artist unless there's more than a couple songs that I
like hearing again. with A&B I'm never left feeling like I just wasted my money on
a cd that'll be in the cd player only a few times in my lifetime. I've enjoyed most of the
tracks as they've made me so happy with countless moments of joy, my life is so enhanced by
this music. The cd's and LP's are worth every penny, trust me... just listen to the effort in the
producing, this group pours they're whole beings into the music, you can feel it.

Above & Beyond as reviewed by Srbine

December 4, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Above & Beyond has one of the biggest trance label Anjuna Beats and always brings the best for the trance scene. Their biggest hit that made them stars of the trance scene is their remix on Madonnas : What is feels like for a girl and since that day they are one of the biggest names in the elecronic dance music world. They also work with the amazing singe Justine Sussia under the alias Oceanlab that many of the biggest djs always plays. They also have theit weekly radio show Trance Around the World on Ministry of sound every Tuesday 9am (CET). They have truely earned a spot in the electronic history...

Above & Beyond as reviewed by Mrmilano

September 11, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
Above and Beyond, are not the up and coming Trance act, they Are and will be a cornerstone in trance music for generations to come. Magic is weaved into the melodies they mix. A great set is spun everytime they DJ. But most important, is the greatness created after mixing regular pop artists such as Madonna, and Britney. The music becomes a poetic melody! Anjunabeats Volume 1 is a must for fans. HIGHLY recommended.