Twilight Circus

Real Name:Ryan Moore

Currently based in The Netherlands, Twilight Circus ringmaster Ryan Moore grew up in Canada and was immersed early on in Dub & Reggae. Moore first learned to play instruments by playing along with classic Jamaican recordings, spending countless hours as a youth playing deep reggae grooves. He has been active in the music world since 1981, appearing as a musician on over 60 albums with various artists in numerous genres.

A Dub fanatic of the first degree since teenage days, his first studio experiments took place in the mid 80's and when he moved to The Netherlands in 1991, virtually unlimited access to recording studio equipment allowed his knob twisting tendencies to develop to the point of no return. In the studio multi-instrumentalist Moore plays and mixes all the tracks himself. , Bandcamp
Aliases:Ryan Moore, The Dub Project




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