Tom Waits

Real Name:Thomas Alan Waits

Born December 7th. 1949, in Pomona, California. Tom Waits first album, "Closing Time", was released in 1973. A contemporary artist, Waits is mostly known for his lyrical and poetical songwriting and raspy gravelly voice.

His own inspiration is rooted in early blues and beat poetry with influences like Howlin' Wolf and Jack Kerouac. Apart from music, Waits also has a strong presence in movies. He has appeared in works by Francis Ford Coppola, the Coen Brothers, Jim Jarmusch, Terry Gilliam, and Robert Altman.

Previously worked as a dishwasher at Napoleone Pizza House in San Diego, California before being promoted to pizza chef. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Imdb , Instagram , Lastfm , X , Wikipedia , YouTube ,
Aliases:Mule Patterson
In Groups:Roy Orbison And Friends, Tom Waits & The Travelling Salesmen
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