Speedy J

Real Name:Jochem George Paap

Electronic music producer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands (born 10 August 1969 in Rotterdam).
After two albums of electronic listening music on the label Warp, he released two albums with a more experimental sounds in 1997 and 2000. The album Loudboxer (2002) saw a return to a more minimal style of techno.
He collaborated with Mike Paradinas on the project Slag Boom Van Loon and also released two ambient albums for the FAX +49-69/450464 label under his real name.
In 2008, Speedy J founded his own record label, Electric Deluxe, releasing his own music as well as records by Terence Fixmer, Gary Beck, Tommy Four Seven and others. , Bandcamp , , Facebook , MySpace , X , Wikipedia
Aliases:Aq, DCC, Electric Deluxe, Jochem Paap, JPG (3), Public Energy, The Second Wave, Tune
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