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Brock Van Wey
bvdub is Brock Van Wey, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Devoting his life to the SF rave scene in the late 80's, he began to DJ and promote his own deep house and ambient events in 1991, rising 10 years before a self-imposed exile to China in 2001 to escape the state of a scene he could no longer accept, which lasted until 2015. He began to produce his own music in 2006, first releasing in 2007 on Night Drive Music. Soon after, his overtly emotional sound spread to Styrax, Millions of Moments, Southern Outpost and Meanwhile, before a natural and gradual shift to his trademark ambient onslaughts saw him call n5MD, Glacial Movements, AY, Darla, Echospace, Kompakt and many more home.

Brock has also released music under his given name, Brock Van Wey, as Earth House Hold (deep house), and as East Of Oceans (drum & bass).

NOTE: This artist's name should be spelled in all lower caps, which is the way it has been written since its inception and is the specific, intended presentation.
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2600NETLP002 Bvdub - Strength In Solitude LP album art bvdub Strength In Solitude LP (Album) 2600 Records 2600NETLP002 US 2007
QUIETUS 006 Bvdub - We Were The Sun album art bvdub We Were The Sun (Album) Quietus Recordings QUIETUS 006 US 2009 Sell This Version
00.3 Bvdub - A Prayer To False Gods album art bvdub A Prayer To False Gods(CDr, Ltd) Shoreless Recordings 00.3 Germany 2009 Sell This Version
STRX 13 Bvdub - A Silent Reign album art Bvdub A Silent Reign (Album, EP) Styrax Records STRX 13 Germany 2010 Sell This Version
GM008 Bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone album art bvdub The Art Of Dying Alone (Album) Glacial Movements Records GM008 Italy 2010 Sell This Version
001, NKR001 Bvdub - The Truth Hurts album art bvdub & Ian Hawgood bvdub & Ian Hawgood - The Truth Hurts (Album) Nomadic Kids Republic, Nomadic Kids Republic 001, NKR001 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
none Bvdub -  Bvdub Presents Deep Space Mix 21 album art bvdub Bvdub Presents Deep Space Mix 21 Not On Label (bvdub Self-released) none UK 2011
QUIETUS 007d Bvdub - One Last Look At The Sea album art bvdub One Last Look At The Sea (Album) Quietus Recordings QUIETUS 007d US 2011 Sell This Version
GM0011 Bvdub - I Remember (Translations Of Mørketid) album art bvdub I Remember (Translations Of Mørketid) (Album) Glacial Movements Records GM0011 Italy 2011 Sell This Version
DRL250 Bvdub - Resistance Is Beautiful album art bvdub Resistance Is Beautiful (Album) Darla Records DRL250 US 2011 Sell This Version
home n023 Bvdub - Tribes At The Temple Of Silence album art bvdub Tribes At The Temple Of Silence (Album) Home Normal home n023 UK 2011 Sell This Version
DQC-825 Bvdub - Then album art bvdub Then(CD, Album) AY DQC-825 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
DN014 Bvdub - Songs For A Friend I Left Behind album art bvdub Songs For A Friend I Left Behind(CD, Album) Distant Noise Records DN014 UK 2011 Sell This Version
CATMD205 Bvdub - All Is Forgiven album art bvdub All Is Forgiven (Album) n5MD CATMD205 US 2012 Sell This Version
HOMEN031, homen031 Bvdub - The First Day album art bvdub The First Day (Album) Home Normal HOMEN031, homen031 UK 2012 Sell This Version
DRL253 Bvdub - Don't Say You Know album art bvdub Don't Say You Know (Album) Darla Records DRL253 US 2012
DRL252 Bvdub - Serenity album art bvdub Serenity (Album) Darla Records DRL252 US 2012 Sell This Version
none Bvdub - Born In Tokyo album art bvdub Born In Tokyo (Album) n5MD none 2013 Sell This Version
GM020 Bvdub - Erebus album art bvdub & Loscil bvdub & Loscil - Erebus (Album) Glacial Movements Records GM020 Italy 2013 Sell This Version
DRL263 Bvdub - A Careful Ecstasy album art bvdub A Careful Ecstasy(CD, Album) Darla Records DRL263 US 2013 Sell This Version
DQC-1000 Bvdub - At Night This City Becomes The Sea album art bvdub At Night This City Becomes The Sea(CD, Album) AY DQC-1000 Japan 2013 Sell This Version
MD231 Bvdub - A History Of Distance album art bvdub A History Of Distance (Album) n5MD MD231 US 2014 Sell This Version
DRL288 Bvdub - I'll Only Break Your Heart album art bvdub I'll Only Break Your Heart (Album) Darla Records DRL288 US 2014 Sell This Version
QUIETUS 008 Bvdub - Tanto album art bvdub Tanto(CD, Album) Quietus Recordings QUIETUS 008 US 2014 Sell This Version
none Bvdub - A Step In The Dark album art bvdub A Step In The Dark (Album) AY none Japan 2015 Sell This Version

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February 17, 2021
one of the few artists i trust fully to make insightful and powerful music


October 3, 2017
edited over 5 years ago
There's a lot of overwrought, formless, and full of cheap sentimentality ambient out there, and that's ok because it is what it is. Seemingly to casual ears, this is the case with dvdub (Brock Van Wey) as well, but there is much substance here eventually reward for the patient listener. Van Wey's ideas unfold at their own thoughtful, mysterious and glacial pace and seemingly with little effort. These austere (and often sad) environments are from a tension created by an ambiguous state, between warm and cold atmospheres, and interestingly enough, able to resonate at such deep and emotional levels. Categorically I suppose this music belongs to shoegaze and post-rock more than ambient and has more in common with Windy & Carl and Slowdive than it does Ishq or Marconi Union. "I'll Only Break Your Heart", "The Art of Dying Alone" and "Then" are stunning albums and definitely my favorite so far. But considering how prolific he is and his tremendous output in less than a decade, this music is something to enjoy for many years should he never make another album again.


September 17, 2017
Thank you for releasing Heartless on Vinyl !!! Sounds Great !


June 14, 2017
edited over 5 years ago
I am always critical against artists producing 10-15 albums per year, in my humble opinion this pace is negatively correlated with quality. How wrong i am in the case of Bvdub. With few exceptions, all his albums are very carefully crafted to the last detail like he was working years on each one of them. No, you will not find the convenient automatic pilot modus here, each message (album) is unique, sincere, with its own raison d'etre. A remarkable feat, indeed, hatts off. Favourites: anything without vocals.


July 30, 2016
Brock --please can you release your early releases on vinyl -----thank you !!


July 10, 2016
edited over 6 years ago
I just wish I could get more bvdub on vinyl ---especially his earlier albums ---im sure there are many fans out there who would agree with me


May 16, 2015
Please let me know if anyone will have carefully ecstasy on vinyl...will pay almost anything : )


February 18, 2015
Great music to blast in the car on the way back from Vegas after a long trip of abusing ones body. I just "select all / shuffle", warm up the vape and enjoy the ride. When each song ends, it's like a cleansing - starts off slow and then layers upon layers get built up higher and higher then RELEASE. Compare to any innuendos you want :)


October 16, 2014
Bvdub's work (LP and EP) up to and including year 2009 has been something I always resort to. It is quite novel, fresh, different, powerful. After the "Art of Dying Alone" he had changed his music expression style, and I keep having the impression that all subsequent albums sound more or less the same as the previous one.

"Dreams od Red Chambers", "A Prayer to False Gods", "We Were the Sun", etc... These are legendary releases. The first album as Earth House Hold also brings very nice music.


February 27, 2014
brock's music needs to be in the new team ICO game

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