Hank Marvin

Real Name:Brian Robson Rankin

English guitarist born 28 October 1941, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.

Lead guitarist for band The Shadows. He was also the owner of the first imported Fender Stratocaster guitar in the UK, which was bought for him by friend and colleague Cliff Richard and later stolen by Bruce Welch.

The Shadows primarily performed instrumentals, and was formed as a backing band for singer Cliff Richard.

Marvin is famous for having a distinctive guitar sound and appearance, primarily using a clean sound with very high reverb and vibrato, which primarily gives a dreamy effect to the sound.

Incidently, in cockney rhyming slang, Hank Marvin's name is one of the ways often used as to signify hunger: "I'm Hank Marvin" = "I'm starvin'" (with or without the obligatory expletive!).

Aliases:Brian Robson Rankin
In Groups:Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, And Strings, Mark Knopfler's Guitar Heroes, Marvin, Welch & Farrar, The Drifters (2), The Five Chesternuts, The Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate, The Shadows, The Vipers Skiffle Group
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