Nick Pullin

Real Name:
Nicholas Pullin
Nicholas Pullin is the primary composer for the band Ilya. His music and songs have been used extensively in adverts for Revlon and Cacherel, and he has composed feature length music scores for Independent films, Born From The Foot and Telugu, as well as a Bulgarian short film, Rabbit Trouble. Ilya's music appears often in television programmes worldwide, ( Nip/Tuck, Holby City, Six Feet Under, Monkey Dust and numerous others ). Soleil Soleil from Ilya's first album was featured in the Hollywood film Mr Brooks starring Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt.
His work has also been used for projects by photographer Nick Knight and SHOWstudio, and this relationship has led to songs and music being featured on YSL's web-site and also a short controversial documentary edited by Mike Figgis of a of a John Galliano fashion show in Paris.
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