The Beatles

The Beatles

British rock/pop group, formed in Liverpool, England, UK during the 1960s.

The lineup comprised John Lennon (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Paul McCartney (bass, guitar, vocals), George Harrison (guitar, vocals), and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals).

Following an initial period as a straightforward Mersey-beat group, later recordings saw them experiment with psychedelia, incorporating innovative production techniques involving tape loops and other effects. Although the group split in 1970, they have continued to release special products.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 (Performer).

The Beatles Discography


PMC 1206 The Beatles With The Beatles (Album) Parlophone PMC 1206 Denmark 1963 Sell This Version
PMC 1202 The Beatles Please Please Me (Album) Parlophone PMC 1202 Peru 1963 Sell This Version
ST 2080, ST-2080 The Beatles The Beatles' Second Album (Album, MiniAlbum, EP) Capitol Records ST 2080, ST-2080 US 1964 Sell This Version
No. 2 The Beatles The American Tour With Ed Rudy Radio Pulsebeat News No. 2 US 1964 Sell This Version
T6063, T-6063, T 6063 The Beatles Long Tall Sally (Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records, Capitol Records T6063, T-6063, T 6063 Canada 1964 Sell This Version
D 892 The Beatles Meet The Beatles! (Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records D 892 Mexico 1964 Sell This Version
STO 83 756, 83 756 The Beatles Something New (Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records STO 83 756, 83 756 Germany 1964 Sell This Version
ST 2228, ST-2228 The Beatles Beatles '65 (Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records ST 2228, ST-2228 US 1964 Sell This Version
237632 The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan - The Beatles' First (Comp, Album) Polydor 237632 New Zealand 1964 Sell This Version
STO 83 739, ZTOX 5564, 83 739 The Beatles A Hard Day's Night (Album) Parlophone STO 83 739, ZTOX 5564, 83 739 Germany 1964 Sell This Version
PCS 3062 The Beatles Beatles For Sale (Album) Parlophone PCS 3062 UK 1964 Sell This Version
PRO-202, VJLP 202 PRO The Beatles Hear The Beatles Tell All (Album) Vee Jay Records, Vee Jay Records PRO-202, VJLP 202 PRO US 1964 Sell This Version
D 922 The Beatles Vol. 2 (Album, Comp) Musart D 922 Mexico 1964 Sell This Version
31C 164 86408/9 The Beatles The Beatles' Story (Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records 31C 164 86408/9 Brazil 1964 Sell This Version
UAL 3366 The Beatles A Hard Day's Night (Album, Comp) United Artists Records UAL 3366 US 1964 Sell This Version
PCS 3071 The Beatles Help! (Album) Parlophone PCS 3071 Norway 1965 Sell This Version
ST-2358, ST 2358 The Beatles Beatles VI (Album, Comp) Capitol Records, Capitol Records ST-2358, ST 2358 US 1965 Sell This Version
PMC 1267 The Beatles Rubber Soul (Album) Parlophone PMC 1267 Israel 1965 Sell This Version
SMAS 2386, SMAS-2386 The Beatles Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Album) Capitol Records SMAS 2386, SMAS-2386 US 1965 Sell This Version
ST 2309 The Beatles The Early Beatles (Comp, Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records ST 2309 US 1965 Sell This Version
ST 2553, ST-2553 The Beatles Yesterday And Today (Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records ST 2553, ST-2553 US 1966 Sell This Version
ST 2576, ST-2576 The Beatles Revolver (Album) Parlophone ST 2576, ST-2576 US 1966 Sell This Version
SMO 83991 The Beatles The Beatles' Greatest (Comp, Album) Odeon SMO 83991 Germany 1965 Sell This Version
SMAL-2835, SMAL 2835, 2835 The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (Comp, Album) Capitol Records, Capitol Records, Capitol Records SMAL-2835, SMAL 2835, 2835 US 1967 Sell This Version
SMAS 2653, SMAS-2653, 2653 The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Album) Parlophone SMAS 2653, SMAS-2653, 2653 US 1967 Sell This Version

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May 12, 2016
McDonald's for the ears!! First I have ever heard that one. All of us who love the music of the Beatles have debated with the haters defending their lofty position in the never ending pecking order of who is great & who isn't. One does not have to be a fan to understand that as far as R&R/pop music is concerned the Beatles have few rivals. They truly stand atop or very near the summit of this genre. No doubt they always will. So I get the just because something is popular does not mean it is any good argument. Most times that is very true. But in the case of the Beatles greatness & popularity went together like hand & glove. It was a mixture of the times and their ability to absorb and then incorporate the sounds of early rock AND R&B that set them apart. Rockers like Roy Orbison were as much an influence as the great Smokey Robinson. Throw in a little Carl Perkins rock-a-billy and the Fab Four could have easily come from Linden, New Jersey USA then Liverpool, England. Then as they matured so did their writing reflect the changes musically and personally. For them and many of us. It was pretty heady stuff for a kid who was only 13 when they called it quits. And while I am more into Jazz now I still enjoy my Beatle records. I still hear the greatness and wonder would I love music the way I do if their were no Beatles? And would pop/rock carry the same weight it does now without them? What we do know is how they influenced thousands of musicians during and after their reign. How for better or worse rock music was not just teeny bopper stuff but at times heady music to be taken seriously. How it was recorded, how we listened, how it was perceived was all because of them. All that and some pretty catchy tunes to down right thought provoking beautiful music. You don't have to like it but you got to respect it.


April 9, 2016
anyone know how to locate the 22 cassette singles box? the search is not bringing this up no matter what i seem to try.


March 27, 2016
Where are the Vee-Jay Records LPs? Those were the FIRST USA releases (after some stupid executives at Capitol Records refused to release their stuff for over a YEAR!!!!). I have a "repackaged" version of their first LP that was released in 1964.


March 18, 2016
The Beatles attract praise in much greater quantity than criticism. They were, and remain to be, one of the most popular & influential four piece bands our species has yet produced. Of course, there are many who don't like their music today and the same was true during their existence. My Warrington born mother, who was a teenager in the 50's, always preferred the Hollies and never much liked the Stones. To this day she can't stand Macca. That said, she freely admits that their songs are wonderful and when she bought me & my brother the Red & Blue double albums for Christmas in '73, she never complained that we played them constantly for months. I always preferred the '67-'70 compilation as the music seemed more grown up, more thoughtful and more considered. Dare I say, more progressive, which as a 70s Teen figured greatly in my musical preferences.

Once I hit my Teens the Fab Four rarely got a look in as I graduated to the music of my contemporaries, heavy, Prog, new wave, & punk. As an adult my tastes broadened and I've had a chance to look back at my childhood musical preferences. The Beatles music seems to have always been in the background, informing my likes and dislikes. I appreciate musicality, interesting lyrics, strong melody and production. I also remember the feeling I had unwrapping my Blue album and looking at the quality of the product. The printed inner sleeves, the Apple disc labels, and the gatefold sleeve blew me away. I still adore buying quality vinyl editions especially those with beautiful heavy covers. Check out the Porcupine Tree albums to see what I mean by quality.

As far as the quality of the band's music is concerned I can't find much fault with it. Of course, I prefer their later work but even their early material is superb by comparison to their contemporaries. Comparing it to the best of the genres that influenced them or those that came later is unfair. Indeed, there are plenty of other Merseybeat bands who created great music too. Where Lennon & McCartney stand out is the shear quantity of high quality popular music they wrote for a good nine years. No other band has produced a greater number of memorable songs. On the Red & Blue albums, which are essentially their Greatest Hits albums, there are 54 tracks to listen to and there are a couple of dozen others that would grace most other band's 'Best of' or GH compilations. It is quite ridiculous, when you think about it. Almost unnatural. The Hollies are their only contemporaries, who came close to a similar number of official Hits but once you get past those, Graham Nash & Co simply don't deliver in anything like the same way.

There are lots of ways to define greatness, high quality, musicianship and authorship. Many of those ways are very subjective. It's what makes music such a wonderful medium of human expression. They themselves were heavily influenced by American music, whether it was Blues, Jazz, Soul or Rock n Roll. They took that influence and along with their Liverpudlian contemporaries forged a new genre of music. But they didn't stay there as their mates back home did. They grew in new directions and laid the foundation of British popular rock music that we continue to enjoy today.

After all is said and done, the Beatles are in popular music's premier division of the late 20th century. Most probably they've been in the No. 1 spot since the mid-60s and remain so today. I can't imagine they'll be knock of their perch any time soon, if ever (which is a very long time). Have I gone out and bought their back catalogue? No, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate quality when I hear it. Indeed, I would argue that my view of the Beatles is less biased and more objective than most as a consequence of my reluctance to spend money on them.

They'll outlive McDonald's, that's for sure, and though I'd never recommend buying a Big Mac to my worst enemy (as tasty as they are) I would definitely recommend that every music lover should have the Red & Blue Albums in their collection.


March 18, 2016
Cyp 21, I agree totally that the mop tops success inspired many others who wanted the money, girls and pop star lifestyle. What I don't agree with is the assertion that popularity makes for greatness e.g Justin Bieber, The Spice Girls, Margaret Thatcher, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, McDonalds and many more. I guess we just have to agree to differ.


February 26, 2016
Take a look, perhaps you could buy this and add it to the database!


January 14, 2016
Dear Tobin 321, no need for the offensive language we can't all like the same stuff even if the Beatles industry keep the cash machine going.


December 28, 2015
I think they're underrated.


December 7, 2015
Overated, the Abbey Road cover tells you what the mop tops were,middle of the road. Undoubtedly the most popular though, like McDonald's for the ears.


September 7, 2015
One of my many albums is: The Beatles 1967-1970. The back cover states (P)1973 EMI Records Limited, inside of gate fold states (C)1973 Apple Records Inc. The album itself (blue label, small writing) Mfg. by CAPITAL Records a sub. of Capital Industries, EMI Inc...USA Capital MARCO Reg. Okay.., Than at the end of the listed tracks it states RECORDED IN ENGLAND (P)1973 EMI Records Limited. Both albums' run outs have the etch stamp "MASTERED BY CAPITAL". My question is, do I list the country as US or UK, and where does Apple come into play..I am new at this and really need to re-group as I have listed 97 albums only to find out all are not correct and I am starting to panic. I have mostly "MASTERED BY" LPs and "STERLING" 45's (over 300) How can I become as good of a contributor to Discogs as I am a listener (of Music) Can someone PLEASE help me?

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