Frank Hassas

Real Name:Frank Hassas

First a break-dancer (known as Mr. Atomic), then a DJ (known as 'Quickmix' and 'DJ King Of Rock'). Teamed up with Olaf Jeglitza AKA O-Jay in 1984/1985 period and they started to make "Freshline Radio Show - Tapes" that they sold to shops, restaurants etc. along with publishing a fanzine "The Freshbeat Magazine". The two formed a group called Masterplan (with a third member, Aram Mouchegh) which failed to gain any success. Quickmix and O-Jay teamed with DJ Careem Da Dream to form The Alliance, more Electro styled rap group, and were working on the project called The Admirers (cover of Joyce Sims "Come Into My Life"). Later on they created the Real McCoy group, and the project Rap IV Rap (cover of Soul II Soul's "Keep On Movin'").
Together with Olaf Jeglitza, he founded Freshline Records.

Aliases:Dakota O'Neill, F.H.Capone, Quickmania, Quickmix
In Groups:Freshline, Freshline Allstars, Masterplan, Maxx, Rap IV Rap, Real McCoy, The Adam & Eve Project, The Admirers, The Alliance, The Movement
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