Scarlet (5)

Scarlet (5)

Real Name:
Julieanne Tulley
Scarlet has scored number 1 hits in Asia in 98/99 with "Dreamhouse",before becoming the voice of Skipraiders on the trance club hit "Another day" released on Paul Oakenfold's label Perfecto in 2000, going top 40 in UK and topping many charts in Australia,(under the name JADA). Swiftly after the success of that she was signed to Firebrigade in Sweden in January 2001 as the voice of Rednex.

She then spent 5 years touring and releasing with the hugely successful group until her departure in early 2005.

Needing a change she returned to the dance scene where she worked with Top producers and DJs, such as Jan Wayne, DJ Gollum, Empyre One, Sunny Inc and Pavex.

She also started at this time Rockstarmedia Music Management and signed artists such as Crystal Lake,which she managed for 3 years, as well as worked as vocalist and vocal producer on many of their songs.She is still their Publisher.
In 2008, she started Rockstarmedia Publishing to nurture new writing talent and to compliment a growing roster of artists.

She rejoined Rednex in 2009 and put together a new show for the group, taking them on tour for 3 years till 2012.In 2010, Scarlet started Rocka Records, her own label group, so far containing 4 sublabels.

The same year she also released with Rednex a new single called 'Devils on the loose'.During these years, she toured extensively and took the band back to many forgotten territories,reconquering Benelux, France and Russia to name a few.

She also co wrote, co-produced,released and Published
a new single for the band called 'Raise your glass' in 2011, which was put out on her own label Rocka Records. It sadly had to be withdrawn from release due to internal problems with the groups management and non fulfilment of contracts on their part. The single is now re-assigned as a Scarlet single and guests 'Goran' the original male voice of Rednex, who happily sang with Scarlet for this project.It is still under the Rocka label.Written by Scarlet and Hakon Lundby.

Scarlet was also Booking agent for Rednex from 2009-2012, and now books her new show Rednex Experience. She also has booking rights to many other top artists,like Sash!,Sam fox,T-rex,Corona and more.

During her time in Rednex SCARLET also co-wrote and sang for the album best of the west with songs, ''Song of Silence'' and ''Strong enough''. She was also singing on Cotton eye Joe 2002 again and further singles ''The Chase'',''Ride the hurricanes Eye'', which was a Winnie toons theme tune for tv and cinema, and ''Love me or leave me'',which all apeared on the Best of the West hits album, in 2003.
She was also responsible for all upkeep of websites, and internet presence.

After 12 years of Service, In December 2011, Scarlet fell ill, and was unable to make a show, only to find out she had later been replaced by the Soundmans girlfriend, whom they dressed up to look like Scarlet and let her mime to pre recorded tv tapes of Scarlets voice. Then one show later that singer was also replaced in favour of a Swedish singer also miming to Scarlet.

The bosses of Rednex brought in a new policy, whereby they would always change singers and made a public announcement that they would never again have a permanent lead singer in favour of a pool of ever changing performers, A shock to not only fans but many bookers who could not grasp this new concept.

Scarlet found herself once again away from the Rednex fold, but not one to be held down, she picked herself up, and started to once again concentrate on solo material.

In 2012 she is working alongside new team, Unrehearsed kid, as well as releases with DJ Gollum feat Danny Suko with a single called 'TUMBLING DOWN', and a debut 'Scarlet' single called 'Angels Unite', vocals produced by Scarlet and Music produced by DJ Gollum, song written by Scarlet and Hakon Lundby again. She is also writer and vocalist on songs for both DJ THT, and artist Jesper Thorn, co writes with the artists themselves and Unrehearsed kid.
She is currently also in rehearsals for her new touring show and will take to the road this summer.


Scarlet (5) Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

Jan Wayne & Scarlet (5) Jan Wayne & Scarlet (5) - Time Stood Still (Maxi, Single) Deutsche Dance Records Germany 2007 Sell This Version
Jan Wayne And Scarlet (5) Jan Wayne And Scarlet (5) - I Touch Myself (Maxi, Single) Deutsche Dance Records Germany 2007 Sell This Version
DJ Gollum Feat. Scarlet (5) DJ Gollum Feat. Scarlet (5) - All The Things She Said (Single) Zoo Digital Germany 2008
Jan Wayne & Scarlet (5) Jan Wayne & Scarlet (5) - Wish You Were Here (Single, Maxi) Deutsche Dance Records Germany 2008 Sell This Version
GAZ002 Empyre One Feat. Scarlet (5) Empyre One Feat. Scarlet (5) - I Turn To You(4xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Global Airbeatz GAZ002 Germany 2008
GAZ007 O'Hara Feat. Scarlet (5) O'Hara Feat. Scarlet (5) - As Long As You Want Me(6xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Global Airbeatz GAZ007 Germany 2009
GAZDIGI005 e-Strella Meets Scarlet (5) e-Strella Meets Scarlet (5) - Thinking Of You(12xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Global Airbeatz GAZDIGI005 Germany 2010
DJ Gollum Feat. Scarlet (5) DJ Gollum Feat. Scarlet (5) - Poison (Single) Punch (2) Germany 2011
none C-Lake Feat Scarlet (5) C-Lake Feat Scarlet (5) - Summertime(File, AAC, Single, 256) Rocka Records none UK 2011
none C-Lake Feat Scarlet (5) C-Lake Feat Scarlet (5) - Tears(2xFile, AAC, Single, 256) Rocka Records none UK 2011
GAZ 028 Scarlet (5) Angels Unite(12xFile, AAC, Single, 256) Global Airbeatz GAZ 028 UK 2012
GAZ 026 DJ Gollum Vs. Danny Suko Feat. Scarlet (5) DJ Gollum Vs. Danny Suko Feat. Scarlet (5) - Tumbling Down(11xFile, Maxi, MP3, 320) Global Airbeatz GAZ 026 Germany 2012
425064 4830624 Jese Meets Scarlet (5) Jese Meets Scarlet (5) - Edge Of The World(6xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Big Beef! 425064 4830624 Germany 2013
425064 4830587 DJ THT Meets Scarlet (5) DJ THT Meets Scarlet (5) - Live 2 Dance(10xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Big Beef! 425064 4830587 Germany 2013
425064 4876431 Massmann Meets Scarlet (5) Massmann Meets Scarlet (5) - Dreaming For Eternity(2xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Big Beef! 425064 4876431 Germany 2014
425064 4886379 DJ THT Meets Scarlet (5) DJ THT Meets Scarlet (5) - Stay With Me(4xFile, MP3, Maxi, 320) Big Beef! 425064 4886379 Germany 2014