Rotary Connection RockNurse

December 29, 2019
Quality control alert. Really need some diligent cleanup on the entries - in particular, the first album and the initial pressing of 2nd album "Aladdin" - as regards the listing of "Rotary Connection" versus "The Rotary Connection." From what I can tell after some (admittedly succinct) research, the band called itself simply Rotary Connection, and the first album was also titled "Rotary Connection" despite a misstep on the part of the company or pressing plant that had the LP labels read "The Rotary Connection" on all the early pressings, an error that was subsequently caught and corrected. Similarly, for "Aladdin" the LP labels create confusion that runs rampant through the Discogs listings, which have been rendered wildly inconsistent, as even a quick glance at the photos associated with the various entries for that title reveals.

Rotary Connection dnbodi

February 14, 2016
I think Phil Upchurch must be added to this line up.

Rotary Connection RockNurse

December 29, 2019
Yep. Upchurch is clearly listed on my copy of the first album.

Rotary Connection Soulie66

March 2, 2011
edited over 10 years ago
2 45's missing from the complete discography:
Cadet Concept 7007: Teach Me How To Fly / Paper Castle
Cadet Concept 7027: Teach Me How To Fly / Stormy Monday Blues

Also Sidney Barnes is currently doing well performing globally and with George Clinton in Parliament / Funkadlic.
Sid was in The Serenaders with George Kerr at Motown and also staff writers at Motown's New York office.
Sid then went to become a staff writer at Sue Records with JJ Jackson before teaming up with Clinton at Golden World. It was Andre Williams who took Barnes to Chess and Rotary. Sid doesn't appear on Hey Love LP.
Check out or

Rotary Connection mjb

May 21, 2013
Both of the 45s you mention have since been submitted to Discogs.