Ski Oakenfull

Real Name:Dominic John Lawson Oakenfull

British electronic keyboardist, producer, and artist.

Kicking off his musical career in 1991 as keyboard player with the band The K-Creative, Ski went on to play with bands such as Galliano and Raw Stylus. At the same time he began to find his own creative voice and released his first 12" titled "Ain't Gonna Justify" (1994) on Dr. Bob Jones' label Black On Black Records.

He has subsequently gone on to become a full time producer/remixer, writer, and keyboard player for artists such as Incognito, Jakatta, Valerie Etienne, Two Banks Of Four, Rose Smith, Earl Zinger, amd The Bays. Additionally, he has releasing three solo albums "Life Changes" (2000), "Rising Son" (2005), and "Short Circuits" (2021).

In 2007 Ski launched his own label Primaudial Records to enable him to release music including his latest project Ayota. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , X , YouTube
Aliases:Ayota, Dominic Oakenfull, Ryuichi Iyota, The Botanist
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