Real Name:Martin Iveson

British electronic DJ, producer/remixer, and label owner.

Born: 1 May 1968 in England, UK.

From his misspent youth skateboarding the frontier towns of North Eastern England, Martin Iveson arrived on the UK Midland's scene in the early 1990s, taking a job at then new computer games development studio, Core Design Ltd., which is now world famous as being synonymous with Lara Croft and the series of Tomb Raider games. Not content with this, Iveson left the company 13 years later to concentrate more on his own studio environment.

The success of his early works including his first EP "Story" (1996) leading to the well-received debut album "That Something" (1998); later licensed in Japan by Sony/Ki/oon. The album featured cover artwork by well known Japanese artist Fujio Akatsuka, known for his Illustrations and animated cartoons. Two further albums, "Labfunk" (2001) and its remixed version "LabResults" (2002) followed.

Iveson has also been a prolific remixer throughout his career, remixing and reworking songs/works for artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Bob Sinclar, Jazzanova, Zed Bias, Omar, et al., and was even reworked Henri Mancini's "The Pink Panther Returns" for EMI Records. Still remixing heavily, he states it helped to launch his production techniques forward, being perfect for trying out new ideas and breaking the mould within a diluted industry, 'remixing helps to hone your sound and allows the producer to print their trademark into another space'.

Production wise, Iveson's trademark sound has been heard on many top class vocalists including Clara Hill, Replife, and Deborah Jordan, for their own artist album projects, rubbing shoulders with some amazing musicians & producers along the way. He's also teamed up with producer Charles Webster as Version, and they're working on their debut album for label Miso. He also released his third album "Full Circle" (2008) on his own label Mantis Recordings.

With industry changes, 2009 saw the closure of his Mantis label, and from the ashes the appropriately named imprint Atjazz Record Company rose within the digital realm, concentrating heavily on Iveson's productions and collaborations, and continuing his trademark sound. Iveson remains in demand globally, both as producer/remixer, or as floor-filling DJ. , , , , , Bandcamp , Facebook , Flickr , Instagram , Mixcloud , MySpace , , Pinterest , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , Vimeo , YouTube
Aliases:Martin Iveson, Spaceman (30)
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