Coco Steel & Lovebomb


British electronic group.

Members: Chris Mellor (Coco), Lene Stokes (Steel), and Craig Woodrow (Lovebomb).

Though Coco, Steel & Lovebomb grew out of the techno community, the group blends elements of garage, soul, and disco with only an ambient-techno blueprint.

After Coco (aka Chris Mellor) began DJ-ing at the Zap club in Brighton, his acid-house sets grew popular in the wake of the late-1980s house explosion. With partner Steel (aka Lene Stokes) and Lovebomb (aka Craig Woodrow), he formed Coco, Steel & Lovebomb.

Originally growing out of the Zap club, their first headline single was "Feel It" (1991), later releasing follow-ups, "Touch It" (1991), "Hold It" (1992), "Work It" (1993). Taking three years from their initial single to record debut album "It!" (1994).

Two ambient outings followed with albums "New World" (1997), followed by "Sun Set" (1998), as well as a remix album "Remixed" (1999) – all released on Other Records.

Members:Chris Mellor, Craig Woodrow, Helene Stokes
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