Dedication is the collaboration between Felix Dickinson, Tsuyoshi of Cro- Magnon fame, Keita Y Mikey, Botch and Jonas. Tsuyoshi Kosuga has been playing guitar and bass in many bands. Previously he played in Loop Junction and currently plays in Cro-Magnon and Dedication. Keita Y Mikey has been running the clothing label Dedication for many years as well as producing the band and running the studio where the majority of the bands material is recorded. Botch is a full time carpenter and master keyboardist. These three make the backbone of the band and sometimes also incorporate Jonas on percussion for some of there live performances. All of these Japanese musicians are linked through a love of surfing.

Felix met Mikey through DJing for the Lifeforce parties in Japan, and met Tsyoshi when Cro-Magnon did a live P.A. at a Lifeorce party in Tokyo that Felix was DJing at. On one of his Japanese tours Mikey invited Felix to stay with him in the seaside town of Kamakura where he offered to teach him how to surf. After a day at the beach Mikey played Felix some of there unfinished tracks and Felix was so excited by the tracks they were working on he offered to produce some music with them.

The first track they all recorded together in Kamakura in 2005 and then Felix took the parts back to London and recorded some vocals for it with Kyle Chandler (of Foolish and Sly). This track 'Dedicated' featured on Felix's Japanese album 'Do You think you know enough about the U.K. underground without knowing Foolish Felix' that was released on Avex in 2006. While out in Japan promoting this album in 2006 Felix spent another week in Kamakura at Mikey's house where they recorder their first E.P. together 'The Sundance E.P.' that was released on Cynic.

Members:Botch (5), Felix Dickinson, Keita Y Mikey, Tsuyoshi Kosuga


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