Serge Ramaekers

Real Name:
Serge Nestor Johan Ramaekers
Born in Belgium on the 17th of April 1966, Serge Ramaekers was already bouncing to the rhythm of famous songs in his cradle. At the age of six he built an organ with daddy's help, but realized very soon that you could do a lot more with a synthesizer. With the help of generous grandparents and parents, who believed in the ambition of their grandson, soon a real home studio developed.
Aged 16, Serge started as a DJ with a mobile show. Very soon thereafter he was playing records in big clubs like Highstreet, Carre and Reflex. In time Serge eased off the DJ circuit to concentrate his energy on composing, lyric writing and producing. He produced the music for projects like T-Spoon, Black Male, Confetti's, Cartouche, 2 Boys and lots of others. He often works together with his musical partner Dominic Sas.
In 1988, Serge Ramaekers launched the group Confetti's, a new-beat dance-act which lasted three years and each successor became one of the best selling records in almost every European country. In 1989, Belgium singer Rocco Granata asked Serge to 'dress up the song "Marina" in a new outfit'... Serge's subsequent new-beat version of "Marina" helped revive its former international success. The Cartouche project (1990) was not only a European hit but also gained a Billboard notation (number 61) in America.
In 1993, Serge did an remix from Freddie Mercury's "Living On My Own". The remix enjoyed success throughout Europe remaining at number one for several weeks across the charts. Also in 1993, Serge Ramaekers started a new project: T-Spoon. This group had a lot of success with the singles like "No Time To Waste", "Take Me To The Limit", "Where R U Now" "Mercedes Benz" (a cover from Janis Joplin) "See The Light", "A Part Of My Life", "Rockstar", "Someone Loves You Honey", (a cover from June Lodge & Prince Mohammed) "Smiling", and "Fly Away".
In 1997, after some successful years in the Netherlands, T-Spoon broke through internationally with the hit-song "Sex On The Beach". This song became a hit in countries like the whole Benelux, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada.
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